Brighten Up Someone’s Christmas with These 5 Affordable Neon Sign Gift Ideas

You have arrived at the right location if you are organizing your Christmas gift shopping list. Online shopping has made Christmas shopping much easier. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that you can order online. They are durable, affordable, and easy to order. This list will not bore you with cliche gifts such as stockings, chocolates, and sweaters. These attractive Christmas gift ideas are sure to make everyone’s holiday memorable. We’ve listed five outstanding gift options that they would love under the tree. These include personalized gifts and classic Christmas-themed gifts.

I have done all of the legwork for you and selected the top Christmas gifts for 2022. Enjoy the Christmas season and let me know that you are taken care of.

The best thing is that the perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can impress your giftee with these wonderful purchases, which are typically within your budget of around $200. You have the option to spend the money you save on these gifts or to donate it to a good cause. Remember, this is the holiday season for giving. We offer incredible discounts on Create Neon products.

While it’s comforting knowing that Create Neon delivers within two weeks (Create Neon truly is a Christmas miracle), we advise you to start your gift-buying early because shipping delays can often occur, especially during holidays. You don’t want to pay more for a rush shipment.

Personalized Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift of personalized jewelry for your spouse is a classic idea. Personalized gifts can be personalized with small messages that express love. They are most attracted to presents that have the most important dates printed on them. It shows her that you put more thought into customizing a gift. You don’t have to give her a personal wearable today. As a husband/boyfriend, she has likely had several. Make her smile this Christmas by gifting her a personalized, custom neon sign. This interactive, personalized neon sign with text is unique and interactive. Click on a special day, such as her birthday, anniversary, or date of a significant milestone, and Create Neon will make it glow & shine in her bedroom. This personalized neon sign looks great in your home and can be used for Christmas celebrations, or simply to brighten up your space every day. Personal data and messages are what make it even more special.

For a tangible reminder of those special moments, choose a birthday or anniversary and design your neon sign. It takes only a few steps!

Classic Christmas sign

Sometimes, a classic Christmas tree neon sign gift might be the way to go. This neon Christmas decor item features a combination between a traditional design and modern LED light. It will brighten up the giftees’ homes for this special occasion. You can help your loved ones get rid of neon string lights and decorate their homes this Christmas with more energy-efficient neon light signs. This neon sign offers a timeless, elegant design. However, it is trendy and stylish. Share your design of a tree. You can also request different sizes.

Snowflake Neon-Sign with calming colors

A snowflake indicates the beginning of winter. This season is also known for its joy and happiness. This sign symbolizes hope and happiness. They will find peace in the calming colors of this neon sign for sale. This stunning sleep aid light will bring sweet dreams to your giftee. You have the option to choose from 10+ tranquil neon colors for this Snowflake neon sign.

Santa Clause is the best Christmas gift idea for kids and those who are children at heart

Two merry blue eyes and a tiny nose. This personality is beloved by all children. Give your children a smiling Santa neon sign if you want to bring a smile to their faces. Having this beautiful sign will undoubtedly make wonderful decor, thanks to its environment-friendly, energy-efficient light source. Thanks to the use of Christmas colors, this sign will project a cheerful atmosphere. This makes a wonderful gift that you can give to your colleagues. It can be placed in any room: the living area, garden, lounge, or office. Everyone will smile beautifully when they see the Santa Neon Stick.

Customized Neon Light Sign for Your Boss

Below are some options for Christmas gifts that I have included. You can also choose to create your own Christmas neon sign.

You can send them a Happy Holiday Wish with a neon sign. It will display your company’s logo in your preferred font and color. We will also make a neon sign for your company with your logo. I guarantee your boss will love it. You can share your logo/image/logo with me and we will make it into a glowing custom photo neon sign.

I hope this has given you many ideas to fill your Merry Christmas gift box with gifts for loved ones. We have gift vouchers for you because we love each of you. Go to our website and use the coupon code to place your order for your favorite neon sign. We will send you Christmas gift bags with a free remote controller, remote controller, wall mounting, and hanging kit.

Sorting Fact from Fiction: Evaluating the Legitimacy of Custom Neon-LED Signs

An LED or custom neon sign, which is safe and high-quality, can be a great way to advertise your business, no matter what industry it may be. A custom sign is a great way to market products and showcase your brand’s personality. It can also add color and flair to your storefront and interior decor.

Many LED and neon signs look different. There is a wide selection of quality and price between different sign companies.

Keep in mind the following two elements when creating a sign.

  1. It must be visible from all directions, not just at night but also during daylight hours. The majority of businesses’ hours are during daylight hours so it’s vital to take advantage.
  2. It should not be removed within a few months. It should last at least one year.

Although the sticker price for a high-quality sign may seem daunting, it can also be a great investment. Customers tell us that the SpellBrite sign they purchased paid for themselves in as little as a few weeks or days. You will also see a higher return on investment if you have a quality sign that is durable and can be seen by customers all day long. A sign that lasts ten years or more will be more effective than a sign that breaks doesn’t work as well as it should or looks cheap, which can reflect poorly on your business. It’s not worth spending hundreds of money on a poor-quality business sign.

How to spot quality signs

There are many sign companies and retailers that claim to sell the best signs. However, it can be confusing to identify which companies offer high-quality products that last. A lot of signs on the market aren’t tested or certified for quality. If you don’t choose a high-quality sign, you risk wasting your money. This is especially true if you deal with sellers on third-party sites like Amazon and Etsy. Signs are powered by electricity. This makes it more than just a concern about how long signs last. It can also be a safety issue that could pose danger to you and your customers.

A guideline for buying a custom neon sign or LED neon sign is to make sure you know the basics. Below is a detailed overview of how to evaluate and verify the quality of a sign. This will allow you to get the best deal possible. These tips and tricks can help you create a lasting sign that will increase sales and attract new customers.

Avoid These Signs If You Want Bright Signs

Edge-lit signs will not work if brightness is a priority for you. This is the case for many business owners. Edge-lit signs, which are etched on glass or acrylic with a message or image, are just as their name suggests. An LED light source, which is often placed on the glass or acrylic, lights up the etching. This type of sign is beautiful visually and can be used for interior purposes, especially in low-light areas. This aesthetic value comes with a price: even high-quality edge-lit signs can’t project much sunlight. Edge-lit signs were not intended to be displayed in a window, shouting out information to customers. An edge-lit sign is not the best choice if you want a bright sign.

Product certifications, quality & safety

The quality of a sign depends on its technical design, how it is made, and what components are used. A poor quality sign can be a result of taking shortcuts in any one of these areas. To illustrate, a manufacturer may use lower-quality LEDs to reduce costs, but “overdrive” them electronically to make the LEDs extremely bright. Overdriving LEDs drastically reduces their lifetime. Your sign may appear great when it turns on but LEDs will quickly dim and the light will fade, so your sign will be less appealing to anyone.

Companies that produce quality, long-lasting signs will invest in having them certified. They are usually certified under the UL Certification in the United States and CE Certification in Europe. Obtaining UL or other certifications isn’t difficult for a well-made product. Although a UL rating does NOT guarantee high quality, it should be considered a red flag.

These certifications do more than just show a sign’s safety. Safety ratings allow for the regulation of what neon and LED neon signs can be sold on the marketplace. The information will be published on a company’s website if they have fulfilled or exceeded the certification requirements. If these ratings are not visible, you can always inquire directly with the seller. If they are genuine, they should be able to respond.

What is a UL-Rating?

Notice a tiny circle with the word “UL” in it?

This means that UL, also known as the Underwriters Laboratories, has evaluated the product. These non-profit testing labs dedicated to consistently and accurately testing product quality, have found the product to meet or exceed their requirements. The UL rating applies in the United States. This mark signifies that the product has passed safety and function testing by a trusted source.

It is important to understand that UL, as an individual company, has no control over whether a product is approved or denied. Only governmental organizations like the FDA have the legal ability to prohibit production based only on their research. However, even these agencies may use UL’s testing as part of their assessments.

Many individual certifications fall within the “UL” umbrella. If you want to check for safety regulations on your sign it must be UL listed. UL-listed products will carry a UL Label (see above). To get a UL label, the Underwriter’s Laboratory has to test the product to verify that it meets or exceeds nationally recognized safety standards. A UL listing not only confirms these things but also that the sign is safe from a ” reasonably foreseeable” danger of fire.

UL Rating should apply to the power supply and product.

The absence of a UL rating does not necessarily mean that the sign in question has been deemed unsafe. Some companies might use different certifications to achieve the same objective, such as the CE certification. UL certifications are the most widely used for lighting fixtures (including LED and neon signs, and fixtures), but an ETL label (Electrical Testing Labs), is another nationally recognized mark that ensures safety and quality. Another is CSA (Canadian Standards Association), also recognized in America and abroad.

A UL label does NOT mean that the sign will be completely safe. Companies sometimes alter which parts of their sign are UL listed. Multiple electrical components are common on signs. Each must be independently certified by UL to list the entire sign system.

Is your entire signage UL rated

Companies will sometimes vaguely declare “UL Rated” even though only the power supply, and not the sign, are UL-listed. Always check that the sign is UL listed, and not just the adapter or power cable. Our products include both the sign and power cord.

You can easily search the UL database for the company name to see if the sign is UL rated. This database lists every manufactured product that’s UL certified. This allows you to quickly check sign companies’ claims, as well as ensure your sign is safe. The UL database lists which items are UL certified by each company. If only the sign is listed but not the power supply, then it means that only the sign is listed.

What is a CE Rating?

On your neon or LED sign, you may see a “CE” label if you look closely. There are two possible meanings of this label, and you must know which one applies before purchasing.

How can you tell which “CE” marks are different? See the distance between C & E in the image above.

The “CE”, or Conformity Europeanenne rating, is located on the left. It is approximately the European equivalent of a UL Rating. You can spot this mark! The product in question meets all EU health, safety, environmental protection, and other requirements. This certification is required for certain products sold in Europe. A CE rating does NOT automatically mean a product is of high quality, but it does signify that the product was tested and verified safe by a trusted source.

But there’s a second “CE” type that looks identical but is not a quality standard. The “CE”, which stands for China Export, is used by Chinese manufacturers arbitrarily to indicate the item’s country of origin. As shown above, both “CE” logos look identical and can easily be confused.

Signs and other products that carry the CE “China Export” label may be of high quality and can pass other regulatory certifications. But the label is not subject to quality inspection or safety testing. Therefore, it cannot be taken as a guarantee that the product is in good condition.

Unsure if a company can be certified CE? Ask them! They can also provide proof through a Certificate of Compliance if they have the CE Certification “Conformite Europeanenne”.

Is it safe to use the Neon-LED Sign?

It doesn’t matter if this is true or not, most sign companies will say that their signs have safety features. This is an important selling point. Businesses value a safe sign as much as a visible one. Therefore, it makes sense that you include it.

However, the UL and related groups are those who determine and verify sign safety through certifications. Even though a sign company may claim that its sign has safety features, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

You should not assume that a sign is safe unless you can see proof of safety such as safety ratings like the one above.

What is an IP Rating and how does it work? Or, How can you tell if a sign’s waterproofness?

It can be a great way to attract customers and drive traffic outside. But finding neon or LED signs that are waterproof can prove difficult. Ingress Protection ratings (IP) are important to look for when you’re searching for outdoor signs. IP ratings can be used to confirm the waterproofing capabilities of electronic items, such as lights.

IP numbers tell how effective a product is in keeping other things out. These quality ratings are calculated based on testing done at the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Each digit is a single-digit number. The first digit represents protection against solids (pollen or dust) and is limited to a maximum number of 6. The second digit refers to protection against liquids. It can reach a maximum of 8.

Most common IP ratings for waterproof applications:

HTML65 – Signs with this rating have been tested by a waterjet like a Hose and have waterproofing protection for up to 3 minutes.

HTML66 Signs with this rating are capable of repelling water from a powerful jet stream for three minutes.

HTML67 Signs with this rating may be submerged for up 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter.

IP68 This rating is the highest on the IP protection scale. These products are fully protected from solid particles. They can be submerged up to one meter in water for up 30 minutes. Apple states that the iPhone 13 with an IP-68 rating is IP-68 compliant and can be submerged at depths up to 6 meters for 30 minutes.

Sometimes, multiple IP ratings may be displayed on a product. This simply means that the sign protects against particles in multiple ways. You can see products with an IP 65 or IP 68 rating. This means that the product is resistant to submersion or water jets.

Signage can be waterproof, but not weatherproof. Signs may not perform well in extreme weather conditions like the hot, humid Florida winter or the freezing Minnesota snowstorms. It is important to confirm with sign companies that outdoor neon and LED signs are safe.

Is it right to pay the price?

Everyone loves to save a little money. Low prices are a warning sign in the lighting and signage industry. While it doesn’t automatically indicate that a sign isn’t worth your money or that it’s defective, it does warn you to be cautious.

An LED sign with high-quality will cost you between $150-200. The price can rise to $1000 depending upon the size and type. Neon signs will cost slightly more upfront (closer than $300-400 for a standard sign) and can reach $4000 or higher for custom signs. Sign companies might offer sales on some high-quality items. They may also be able to provide stock items at a lower price, particularly if they’re trying to get rid of inventory.

Is the price misleading

A few sign companies are also able to be misleading with their pricing, especially when selling on third-party platforms like Etsy. Search for “custom neon signs” and you will see many sellers offering custom neon or led-neon signs starting from $20 each. If you look closely, however, you will see that these cheap signs only measure 10cm. You should always read the fine print. Sometimes, low prices hide additional costs and upcharges. Many sellers will use low costs to pay “down” on more expensive signs and add hidden fees at check out.

A low-cost, 10cm sign might be what you’re looking for but won’t work for most business uses.

If you come across a company that sells “high quality” signs for less than $50, you can be skeptical. Many of these solutions won’t have safety certificates, won’t work well, or won’t last very long.

A Return Policy is a Good Idea

The return policy is one indicator that a company makes high-quality signs. If you don’t like the sign or it isn’t up to your standards, you can return it for a full refund. This is particularly important, as customers frequently see their sign the first time they buy it.

Some companies accept returns. Many companies accept returns on stock signs. Custom signs will not be accepted. Other companies won’t accept returns for stock signs and will only repair or replace damaged signage from shipping. Some companies may not provide details about their return policy. If the company you are dealing with is legitimate, it should be easy to locate their return policies (or lack thereof). On our website, you will find our 30-day returns policy.

What is the warranty?

The warranty must be displayed on the company website. Many manufacturers don’t make any mention of their warranty. Others may offer a one-year warranty that depends on the specific issue. Some longer warranties sound fantastic, but be sure to read the fine print. Before purchasing, ensure you review the details of the warranty to see how long it is. SpellBrite’s policies are available. They offer an automatic 1-year warranty and a 3-year extended warranty. You can quickly find them.

Watch out for potential scams

The best ways to spot scams and identify whether a neon sign or LED company is going offer you a long-lasting, high-quality product are helpful. We will discuss what you should look out for when buying custom signage from a seller you are unsure about.

Information about the Company

How long have they been in business? A company that has been around for decades like ours should have plenty of information available online. Many companies that are just starting won’t state how long their company has been in existence. This makes it hard to know if their signs have high-quality materials or how long they will stay in business.

Is the company an Better Business Bureau(BBB) accredited business? The BBB does not require all companies to register, but they will often keep records about any issues that may have occurred. This will help you confirm that the business is legitimate.

Does the company have a website? Websites can often help you identify if a company is legitimate or fraudulent. Even though not all legitimate companies have websites to assist customers, one website can provide some relief.

If the company already has a website

  • Is there a company phone number? If the company has a phone number, call it. Does anyone pick up the line or call you back?
  • Can you find the privacy policies on the site’s website? Many websites run by scammers overlook this crucial piece of a functional site.
  • In what manner does the company accept payments? While credit cards are generally safer and easier to receive a refund in the case of fraudulent activity, some companies will require payment by check or envelope.
  • What about their website design? Is there any section that is poorly designed, or does it contain serious programming errors? Small businesses and legitimate businesses may have poor websites. Most legitimate e-commerce companies will invest money in a website that accurately portrays their brand, products, and services.

Social Media

Are they on social media? All businesses need a digital presence, regardless of whether they are operating physical stores or restaurants, or signage companies. It is difficult to judge if a business has legitimacy and high quality solely by its social media. However, social media does provide great insight into a business’s values.

This is a red alert if the company has no website or social networks. A small business selling crocheted stuffed animal on Etsy is an exception to this rule. You can expect to find a website and social networks if the company is established.

Responsive to negative feedback

If the company uses social media, you can easily browse its posts and often learn more about them. Do you see negative feedback? Has the company responded helpfully? Is the company responsive and open to customers’ concerns? If you have suspicions that the company might not be legit, do not click on their bio link. Instead, you can open a new tab and Google company name to find out what results are available.

Search Appearance at Third-Party Vendors

Although e-commerce platforms try to ensure products are accurately rated and companies aren’t charging for reviews, many customers and companies slip through the cracks. We are going to be taking a closer look at Amazon, an e-commerce giant.

You should also note that Amazon’s majority of sellers are selling directly to Chinese sellers. It is difficult to get safety certifications or ratings. These sellers can protect their interests in the United States by creating ” brand names. This is done by adding several numbers to create a unique “brand name” for each company. If you see JHTKLWOII in a company’s name on Amazon, it is likely from China. This means that the product doesn’t meet the same safety standards, or has to comply with the same government requirements as products sold in the United States. To confirm where a company’s headquarters is, use the following steps to search for their website and social media. You may also contact their customer support line.

Amazon Search for Placement

Amazon reviews can also be extremely informative. Amazon has taken steps to curb negative reviews but there are still companies that buy positive reviews. Negative reviews can be purchased by companies for their benefit, which may compromise the legitimacy of negative reviews. Do these “high quality” signs have legitimate reviews? Do they include pictures? Are they all positive or negative?

It is often the 4 and 5-star reviews that are most helpful. They are the most likely to reflect true and accurate reviews written by paid customers. It is very unlikely that all the reviews written by a seller with more than 500 reviews and a 4.98 rating are authentic. Customers with middle-range ratings tend to have more balanced feedback that will give you a better understanding of the company’s weaknesses. Does the company have great products but poor customer service? False advertising of shipping times These reviews with 3-4 stars will let you know.

Reviews from other third parties

It is possible to use third-party reviews to help you determine if a company exists. While both the company being investigated and its competitors could manipulate these reviews, common sense allows you to see between the lines.

You can search the Internet for “[company] fraud” or “is it legit?” Then, look for their ratings on sites such as ScamRisk.

Sitejabber Trustpilot, Sitejabber Google Reviews Yelp, and Facebook Reviews will show them if they don’t. Even though these reviews are brief, many of them go into greater detail. The reviews of previous customers can provide valuable insight into the company and help you decide if the product will be a good fit for you. Particularly, it is a good sign that returning customers have left multiple reviews.


A bright sign can increase your company’s sales. You can increase your business’ sales for many years by having a quality bright sign. It will also give you security and peace of heart. These suggestions were valuable to us. The above strategies may not prove a sign bright, durable, or high-quality. You can still determine if the sign that you’re interested in is the right one by combining all the above strategies – including looking for safety and quality certifications on the product, looking for return and warranty policies, evaluating content on social media and websites, and researching third-party review sites.

We would be ( www.SpellBrite.com), delighted to provide you with a high-quality, custom sign. We have decades’ of experience in lighting and signage, and we would be pleased to schedule a free consultation. Send us an email at info@spellbrite.com. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your needs.

The Art of Neon: Creative Tips for Shooting Eye-Catching Neon Images

While neon lighting and custom neon signs are popular, however, it’s only just recently that neon hues are being employed in photography. The neon aesthetic is a popular choice because of the adoration for bright colors that are being used on the internet. The neon-colored signs have a retro look everywhere you go.

As a photographer aspiring to be there is a chance to be confronted with a problem when attempting to explore a new medium in the field. Neon themes in particular require plenty of expertise. It is difficult to capture low light with an epicenter that is exposed. If you’re at the heart of this mess Here are some strategies that can help you the next time you shoot photographs in neon.

Part 1: Tips for creating creative neon pictures

Neon photos are known for their vibrant colors, which fill the canvas and draw the eye. Here are some guidelines to guide you through the process of neon photography.

1. Adjust the Aperture

Neon photos are typically taken in low light. This means you must get as much light as you can. This is where the aperture comes in handy. A large aperture can make it possible to create distinctive images even in low-light conditions, like with neon photography.

The reduction in your focal length could, however, result in blurred pictures. It’s a great idea to not worry about this as it is exactly the thing you require when working with neon light. It is possible to use f/2.8 if you want the background to blur entirely, or you can use around f/4 for a slightly discrete background.

2. Increase the ISO

You will need to adjust your ISO settings to shoot dark pictures. Most often, photos of neon are taken with higher ISO values. This allows your camera to gather more light and brighten up the photo. To determine the right value for your needs it is possible to experiment using different ISO settings.

The ISO setting can result in noise increasing in your image. But, it’s not something you need to be concerned about. The adjustment of the exposure can remove noise. If this doesn’t work, you can remove it manually, which doesn’t take less than a few minutes. Using a larger ISO will allow you to enhance your image.

3. RAW is a Friend

RAW format is the preferred option for neon photos. This allows you to create high-quality images using less space and editing is significantly easier. RAW formats always come in useful when the quality of images is to be retained.

4. Change Focus to Manual

The lack of light levels can cause your camera to struggle to identify the proper subject. Focusing can be a real nuisance when shooting neon pictures and, often you’ll be focusing on the wrong subject. To avoid that, give up autofocus and change to manual focus. This way, you can handle what stays in focus and what goes out of focus.

5. Have fun playing with the temperature

The custom neon sign is fun to play with until your picture is overwhelmed by a single color. If this happens, and it is often the case, you can adjust the temperature and the white balance of your device to tone down the colors.

If your image is dominated by a red neon motif, you can lower the temperature to create a cooler tone. Keep in mind that neon style is all bright and vibrant and therefore, you should avoid using too many neutral tones.

6. Try a variety of Angels

This technique will prove useful even when you’re no longer taking neon photos. Remember to keep changing your perspectives and see things from a different perspective. Explore and develop a unique aesthetic that can catch the viewer’s attention.

7. Include Subjects

If you are using a neon background in your images, it could seem boring. Try adding a subject to your pictures and see what happens. Introduce models to brighten your neon-themed photos. Try to divert the focus of the viewer to your focus and then bring out all the neon hues and energy around it. This will make your image stand out.

8. Avoid Blurs

A blurred photo taken in dim light won’t tick off as impactful or attractive. It is possible to blur the background, but blur the subject to give a passive feel when taking photographs in neon. Be careful not to blur your photos.

To enhance your image it is possible to manually focus on the subject and then increase the ISO. To reduce blurring, it is recommended to utilize a sharp lens, such as a 50mm F/1.4. You can get the perfect photo by using timers, or by using a tripod to help stabilize your camera.

9. Reflections are useful

A great tip for taking photos of neon is to make use of any reflective surface you can find. Consider adding glasses if have a model in your photo to reflect off the glowing neon light. Also, windows can be used for reflection or even the reflective surfaces on your phones to let the light shine as much as you want to.

Accept rainy days. Use the water puddles to reflect off the sun and enhance your appearance. You can also carry an empty water bottle to create your puddles at any time you want to.

10. Be on the lookout for Shadows

Shadows are often the key to making or break for your photos. When you shoot neon images, it is important to be aware of shadows. Flashguns are often employed by photographers to bring some lighting to their images. You can also use colored gels to create a neon effect in your photographs. It is possible to rid of shadows that are way too wide in your photos. They can cause the entire photo to appear like it’s not worth the effort.

Part 2: Concepts for creating Neon Light-Style Videos

Moving away from photos, if you are seeking to incorporate neon themes or neon light styles in your videos We’ve got you covered. Wondershare Filmstock is a great stock tool and resource tool that contains numerous video templates to satisfy your different needs.

Watch the video about how to use ‘Busy Busy Pack’ to create neon-style videos.

Below are some of the video template packs offered by Filmstock that are neon-themed.

1. Neon Zone Pack

The Neon Zone Pack offered by Filmstock is the best package to make neon-inspired videos. It comes with 25 elements that could be included in videos that focus on various themes, be it dancing, partying, or anything that has a neon background.

2. Busy-Busy Pack

The Busy-Busy Pack, the ultimate video template set is made to be used for evening walks around the city. The bright themes allow it to be used as a neon theme to be utilized in dim lighting. The template includes 7 titles, 26 elements, 3 overlays, and 1 transition. It’s the perfect fit for your neon aesthetics.

3. Dance Pack Volume 1

This video template is filled with hilarious neon signs designed to help track movement. The Dance Pack Vol. allows you to incorporate the neon effect into your dancing videos. 1 by Filmstock that includes 45 elements and 6 titles that allow two overlays and transitions. This is a great option to add some spice to your dance and motion videos.

4. Neon Elements Pack

The Neon Elements Pack is the ideal way to include colorful elements in your neon wallpaper. The pack includes 25 distinct elements, which can be utilized to give you several neon-themed elements at once. The icons are upbeat and vibrant, which adds the splash of color to the video that you’re looking for.


It isn’t easy to shoot in a new medium. Be consistent when you are taking on something completely new. Regular practice will improve your abilities and allow you to grow into a professional in a short time.

To make perfect neon images enhance your photography capabilities. Try these techniques at home, and experience the amazing effects they create. Don’t forget to head over to Filmstock to check out some of the best video effects to get those neon aesthetic images. To add these amazing neon effects to your videos you can download Filmora’s video editor.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • How can you create neon lights using images?

It is easy to include neon glows and lights in your pictures using some basic editing tools available in Photoshop or other applications. Neon light bulbs are an intriguing medium that adds pops of color to your photographs.

  • How can I edit neon signs in my photo?

To edit neon signs in photos, simply open the photo in editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, then adjust the various aspects of your image including the lighting and aperture depending on your requirements. In most cases, you’ll need to alter the contrast or temperature of the image. You can adjust the temperature and contrast of your image by moving around until you reach the desired result.

The Fascinating Story of Neon Signage: From Invention to Modern-Day Uses

What do your thoughts when you consider a neon sign as? Are you picturing a glowing flamingo pointing to a tiki shop? Perhaps you can recall the neon sign on the windows of your favorite diner. If you feel nostalgic about neon images and start to think of them, you are not the only one. Neon signs are nostalgic and have a unique glow that shines like no other light source.

This post explores the colorful history of neon signage. From its popularity in America to the reason they are now disappearing,

What is a neon sign?

A neon sign is an arc-cold fluorescent lamp. A neon sign is typically made up of glass tubes containing neon and a little bit of argon. Even though neon is used to identify signs of different colors, it does not produce every color. A yellow “neon” sign for example is made with neon gas, not helium. Red neon signs are made with neon gas, however. Neon signs can be used as accent lighting or to draw attention to a product or service.

Who Invented Neon Signs

It wouldn’t be fair for one person to have created neon signs. Instead, neon signs were gradually created by several inventors and chemical engineers over time. The creation of neon signs took years of experimentation, trial, and error, and many years before the night sky was lit up. Here are some notable contributors who helped to create neon signs.

1. William Ramsay & Morris W. Travers

In the 1800s Scottish chemicals William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers searched the air looking for rare, hidden gases. Ramsay, Travers, and others discovered neon by isolating liquefied argon. When each of these gases is contained in a glass tube, and charged with high-voltage voltage, they emit a unique brilliant color. This discovery was the foundation for neon lamps.

2. Georges Claude

Georges Claude was also an inventor who used methods to liquify water and produced large quantities for industrial applications. L’Air Liquide, a company he established in 1902 was quickly a multinational corporation.

In an effort to find new discoveries, Claude conducted research and sold liquid oxygen. Ramsay appeared to have found everything. He decided to concentrate his attention on other matters, such as solving the problem caused by excessively bright lighting. To make alternative light sources, he used leftover neon from his liquefaction.

Claude applied the concept of Daniel McFarlan Moore to create bright white lights by sending an electrical current through a sealed gas-filled tube. Claude made Moore’s invention more efficient by replacing Moore’s gas-filled tubes with neon and using larger electrodes that stayed cool longer. Claude’s neon lamps lasted for hundreds and burn bright and steady.

Claude received a patent for neon lighting in 1910. Claude admits that red neon wasn’t the best choice for general lighting but is great to use as a focal point in a decorative light.

How does neon signage work?

A neon sign is created when an electric current passes through the material and makes it glow. They are not good at conducting electricity on their own. For electricity to pass through, a gas, such as neon, must be contained within a tube. A gas discharge tube is a sealed glass tube with electrodes. The gas pressure rises when a voltage is applied to the electrodes. This allows an electric current to flow through the tube. The electric current turns the gas on. Other gases emit different colors than neon, including yellow and blue.

An experienced craftsman can teach you difficult techniques to create a neon sign. The process involves using heat to bend the glass tubes according to a template, attaching electrodes, pumping in gasses, and removing any impurities. It is an intricate process that requires skill and practice.

When did neon signage become popular?

Georges Claude, a Parisian barbershop owner, was the catalyst for neon signs becoming popular in 1912. Soon other businesses like the Paris Opera wanted the same striking exteriors. To expand his business, Claude started Claude Neon and sold neon sign franchises. Dozens more franchises have been opened in the world.

Earle C. Anthony of Packard Motor Car Company’s Los Angeles dealership was the man who introduced the first American neon signs. Anthony had previously visited Paris and spotted Claude’s signs. Two signs were made specifically for Anthony’s downtown showroom. The elegant orange neon signs, reading “Packard”, were half the price of a car. Traffic jams were reportedly caused by the sign’s captivating appeal. In the 1920s, it was impossible to drive by the Packard showroom and not stop to see the hypnotic neon lights.

They became an emblem of progress and modernity and quickly became popular in the United States. These neon signs were created to attract travelers who use interstate highway systems. If you traveled in the 1930s, you would see neon signs advertising motels, gas stations, and diners all over the country. Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, and New York became famous for their neon signs that encouraged customers to gamble, dine, and visit the movies.

Around World War II, neon began to lose its popularity. Many business owners decided not to spend the money to repair damaged signs and instead replaced them with neon signs using plastics and fluorescent tubes. Plastic signs were cheaper and easier to maintain than neon signs. People started to associate neon signs and run-down motels, sleazy bars, or other deplorable establishments. A small revival of neon signs took place in the 1970s. It continues to this day. These neon signs are typically small and can be used to advertise beer or inform customers that a store has opened.

Why are neon signs no longer used?

It is still possible to find neon indoor signs in homes and bars across the country. Businesses have switched to different forms of illuminated signs for a variety of reasons.

  • Neon signs can be expensive.
  • Expert artisans are required for the creation of custom neon signs.
  • Neon signs are less durable than other types and harder to replace.
  • Due to the addition of argon, neon signs may not work well in cold temperatures.
  • Neon signs are typically heavier than other types of sign material.
  • Neon signs can be less flexible than modern signs.

While neon signs aren’t as common as they used to be, people still love the glow of neon. The museum that preserves neon signs is home to many museums. In many cities, neon signs still advertise businesses such as nail salons or restaurants.

Alternatives to Neon Signage

Neon signs shine with a unique glow, unlike any other source of light. These signs are limited, however, compared with modern signs. Here are some alternatives for neon signage. These signs captivate people and do much more than simply light up the sky.

1. LED Signs

The mesmerizing glow of LEDs is very similar to that of neon, but with higher efficiency and longer durability. LEDs are extremely small and combine red, green, and yellow to produce white light. LED neon signs are much lighter than neon signs. They can be used to promote new products and sales in a restaurant, store, or other business. Large LED neon signs are often used by business owners to advertise their products and services outdoors. Programmable LED signage is able to change the advertisement at any time. Here are some other reasons why LED signage is a popular choice for businesses:

  • Energy saving: LEDs emit light in a specific way, which reduces the need for light-trapping mirrors. They use 75 percent less electricity than incandescent light and are one of the most efficient light sources. Widespread use of these lights could result in more than $30 trillion in savings for the U.S. by 2027.
  • Durable Leds last 25x longer than incandescent light bulbs. LEDs save you time and money by not having to change the bulbs as often as with other types. Neon signs, however, require skills and time to change or repair parts.
  • Leaves little heat behind: LEDs emit very little heat, unlike other lighting forms which can release up to 90% of their energy as heat.
  • No mercury in LEDs. However, certain neon signs contain small amounts, which can pose a risk to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), urges people to call local agencies to inquire about recycling a fluorescent lamp instead of throwing it in the garbage.
  • Reliable visibility Because LEDs can be easily maintained and have long life expectancies, businesses don’t need to worry about them failing. Their signs will still be visible. Like neon signs, LEDs can withstand cold weather.
  • Attractive, bright, and appealing: Some signs are designed with bold, vivid colors or movement to grab attention. LED neon signs, which are similar to neon signs and easy to miss, can be enjoyable to view.

Advertising can also be created by business owners using backlit graphics. Backlit graphics make use of LED light, frames, and interchangeable fabric overlays to create engaging designs and messages. They have also known as lightboxes. You can use them indoors, outdoors, or anywhere else there is power. Businesses looking to attract customers and stand out among the crowd can use backlit graphics as a flexible, lightweight option.

2. Digital Signs

Digital signage offers business owners power, unlike any other light source. The digital sign lets you update information at any time. It can be used to project animated videos, create a calendar with events, or display anything else that you might like. Digital signage holds customers’ attention and is familiar to them, just like a TV. Digital signage provides business owners with complete control over the content they share. Here are some more benefits of digital signage:

  • Be flexible: There is nothing more flexible than writing content on a computer, and then sending it to signs. A new sign doesn’t have to be purchased every time you need to advertise a product or service. Digital signage is a great tool for creating animations and videos as well as sharing news, photos, and other features.
  • Get noticedAccording to a Nielsen report from 2015, 75 percent of people saw a digital billboard within the previous month, and 55 percent observed the message almost all the time. Digital signage stands out and makes a lasting impression.
  • Informing and exciting: A similar survey revealed that 61% of respondents think digital billboards can be a useful way to find out about sales or events. This shows that digital signage can be an effective tool to promote a company.
  • Increase brand recall. Eighty-two percent of survey respondents remembered advertising on digital billboards. You can make your brand more memorable by going digital.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Digital signage offers a variety of ways to make customers satisfied. They make things easier. Bright menu boards allow customers to quickly and easily navigate through the menu options. Illuminated Menus attract more customers. Digital signs can be programmed with the day, month, or season to adjust, which makes the workday much more manageable for staff.
  • Make customers happy: Digital signs are available in so many different places, from waiting rooms at hospitals to hotel lobbies. As patients wait for their turn, digital signage can be used to give them health tips. You can also use it to guide people in large buildings. Digital signs don’t need to be missed and can fit in any setting.
  • Make your promotion stand out. Are they having a big deal? Has a brand new product been released? An attractive digital sign will generate excitement and encourage customers to buy.

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Illuminating the Iconic Imagery of Neon in Urban Landscapes

“Let There Be Light” God spoke, and the light was found. Humankind only recently learned to use kerosene for lighting the urban outdoors. Kerosene lamps started to appear on streets and in arcades as well as on bridges in West-side cities only in the 19th century. The dawning “urban ecology”, however, would take another century. Scientists discovered neon, an odorless, colorless gas that emits red light when it is injected into electrified vacuum tubes in 1898. The term neon light was then rendered vividly into Chinese partly as a loanword. Because of their intense color beaming, even in severe weather conditions, neon lights quickly found widespread use in the city. They were used as logos in commercial space and as navigation beacons for air and sea. In Paris, neon signs lit up the first hair salons in 1910. The neon sign made its debut in Los Angeles, California in the 1920s. Then, it quickly spread to the United States. The spectacular neon scapes that can be seen in Times Square, New York, and The Strip, Las Vegas, in the 1930s and 1940s were the result. This was also when neon light started to take root in Asia. The modern metropolises Shanghai & Tokyo were the first adopters. Hong Kong followed their lead by the 1950s. In our city, rainbow-colored logograms merged Western technology with square-block Chinese logograms. There is no doubt that the history of technological progress deserves a separate essay. This essay will be devoted to the cultural imagery of the neon sign, as illustrated in artistic texts and urban landscapes.

A palette of lights, a city’s evening make-up

The city’s night sky could be described as a palette or a woman’s evening make-up. The ubiquitous yellow light at night would serve as the city’s foundation. The neon lights, bright and colorful, would represent the city’s layers of makeup. It is worn in anticipation of the lavish banquet hosted every night by the business world. Neon can be found amongst the city’s forest of signs, covering every corner where consumer activities flourish. Hong Kong has enjoyed a remarkable urban spectacle for more than half a century.

The neon sign’s visual stimulation seems to represent the prosperity that fuels urbanites’ desires.

A wide variety of businesses use neon signs in Hong Kong: banks, drugstores as well as restaurants, bistros, video gaming parlors, currency, and currency exchanges. Too many to list. The imagery of the neon signs, or their symbolism, is often seen as a symbol of prosperity, resplendence, and especially when they are set against the jet-black sky. Even as the night creatures emerge from their caves, the neon sign still shines brightly on the city’s stage at night. The neon sign’s visual stimulation seems to reflect urbanites’ desire for prosperity. Capitalist society relies on urban dwellers’ desire and ability to consume. The term ‘the cities that never sleep’ is now synonymous with the city of desires. Neon light is the most suitable form of illumination for lighting up the city. It was precisely the combination of the dazzle of the desire that made New York City’s Times Square neon-lit show the perfect foil to faceless loners, such as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver (1976). Neon lighting would only’stab’ the eyes in an urban mirage, as in Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence (1964): When my eyes were stabbed with a flash of a bright light The mentality as well as the materiality of a city are constantly changing.

Under the glow of neon, there is dejection. However, in the shadows of radiance, lies loneliness. This is accompanied by an unmistakable feeling of desire. These diverse representations are often used to magnify neon signs in music, literature, and movies. There are many notable examples. Eileen Chang (1943) – When Bai Liusu (the female protagonist) docks in Hong Kong, Chang describes Bai’s obsession with the blue and green colors of shop signs. Chang does not show neon signs as being as widespread as they are today. Although I am unable to determine the date that the neon sign first appeared in Hong Kong literature as a single imagery, I can confirm that it was featured in Cao Juren’s 1952 novel The Hotel. The story was set in 1949 when the Chinese Communist Party controlled the mainland. It tells the story of a young man who fled with his father and flees to Hong Kong. He works at M Salon as a shoe shine boy and meets a girl next door, a fellow refugee. Cao tells how the young man noticed a neon sign reading ‘Ching Wah Ballroom.’ The fictional hotel, which is named after Nathan Road, is a hotbed for lust. Signs are found everywhere in Hong Kong, including on Nathan Road. Liu Yichang’s classic The Drunkard (1963), shows them in full force. The story opens with a writer, alcoholic, and server chatting up promiscuous women servers at a nightclub. Liu wrote that Liu was evoking this scene. “Not all of those on the prowl are brave; especially in neon-lit thickets. the innocents in the swing set are few and far between.”

A cluster of illuminated neon signs was placed on building facades along Nathan Road in the 1960s. Credit: Old Hong Kong Photo

Cinematic World. Aesthetics from the Mise-en-Scene

It is easy to see the neon sign as a landmark in the Hong Kong streetscape. Wong Karwai’s While Tears Go By in 1988 and Chungking Express in 1994 are some examples of the artistic interpretation of the neon-lit urban setting. Clifton Ko’s Devoted to You (1986), stands out for me in terms both of visual execution and artistic intention. Two high school classmates, May Lo (rich) and Rachel Lee (poor) begin dating Jacky Cheung (biker-gangster) from Canada. Lee and Wong kiss in a passionate scene. The neon signboard for TDK is a large bright-red neon signboard. The scene takes just two minutes to complete and the neon signboard goes black. This scene contrasts with Lo’s rendezvous scene with Cheung under the gentle lighting of Charter Garden. The film’s neon lighting sets the scene for blazing desire, especially when it is red.

Lee and Wong share an intimate scene. The backdrop is a giant “TDK” neon signboard from Clifton Ko’s Devoted to You. All Rights Reserved

Legends of the Fallen City. Urban Nocturnes

Slowly fades. The neon light only appears briefly in some songs. These include Streaks of rain’ by Hacken, Shadow Dance’, and ‘One Night City’ (2011). Mavis Hee’s The Fallen City’ was a great example of how the neon light is tied to the city’s imagery. The final seems ever more touching. Although the song appears to be a love ballad, Wyman Wong refers throughout to the neon lights, making it ‘the backdrop for the vanity fair which has finished its course’. Even the most striking neon sign will eventually die, and the most touching song will end. This makes it hard to know if the song refers to a romance or the fate of a city.

Upon the entire city. Is a new direction.’ Various types of lights (traffic lights as well as lights on lampposts, waterfront promenades in parks, etc.) As one drives down streets, the lights flash past. However, the coldness and despair that these incandescent lights can mask are not easily hidden. And a child in despair longs to see the darkness of night more than ever. Then march forth. Has seen its last hurrah.’ These lyrics by Keith Chan sound alarmingly like a final judgment on Hong Kong during its pre-handover transition, amid all the questions and uncertainties. MTV’s 1987 version of the song features the lead singers in all-black clothing with shades. They weave through traffic in neon-lit streets including Nathan Road.

The neon light only appears as a cameo…

Gradual Transition

Every golden age will see its end just as Walter Benjamin sees ghostly ruin lurking at capitalism’s zenith. As the decades go by, any trending product in the city will begin to age. This is just like the dust that has settled on the neon signs over retailers selling herbal teas, bird’s nests, and long johns as well as old-style steakhouses, nightclubs, mahjong shops, and pawn shops. Wanchai’s Lockhart Road has titillating neon signs for sale that remind us of Suzie Woong’s world. It was where US Navy crews used to spend their overseas leave. Even though they are no longer in their prime, the neon signs for sale have retained their charm. Sloppy maintenance has resulted in missing strokes or entire radicals. The neon signs radiate an unexpected sense of humor, decay, and humor in the city’s forest, lights, and shadows. Some have outlived their useful life, as is the famous ‘Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium sign. Some shops display both neon and led signs, which show generational succession in one space. McDonald’s has a McDonald’s sign that marks the line between the past and the present. They have neon lights in red and yellow, while the new signs are equipped with standard-issue yellow, white, and fluorescent spotlights. The neon sign, which has existed for generations through prosperity and devastation and created desire and stoked it, has slowly disappeared, leaving behind an unintentional image of nostalgia, sadness, and despair. But it is too soon for Hong Kong to lose its neon glow. Signs still light up the streets. A gradual transition is required, and it can take many years for the signs to fade. After the historical mission of the neon sign is completed, it will most likely not disappear overnight.

Elevate Your Bedroom’s Style with Neon Signs: A Decision You Won’t Regret

Do you ever feel like your bedroom needs a revamp? It may seem as though just a simple painting job and some new furniture can transform your bedroom. However, there’s something else that could make the room vibrant.

These are neon signs for bedrooms. These electric marvels provide a bright, luminous look that can give you a feeling of energy. They also capture the attention of others with their modern finishing touches–the ideal way for your bedroom to stand out!

If you’re seeking something new and innovative to bring some life into your dull walls, step right into this article and discover the ways neon light signs for bedrooms can be stylish additions you won’t regret!

Why Are LED Neon Signs suitable for bedroom decor?

LED neon signs bring innovation to interior design. These novelty lights can be used to show your style in a variety of ways, including encouraging phrases as well as playful ones. Individuals embrace their uniqueness and use them as stunning accents in the house especially to create warm atmospheres in bedrooms!

However, beyond the lively quality of LED lights here are some other benefits of why they are great decor pieces and create a glowing place to play:

#1: They Emit Very Little Heat

No one likes sleeping in a space that is too hot due to an overactive light bulb. Who wants to be at night because of the unbearable heat? LED lights can solve this issue. They are a gorgeous light that won’t disturb the sleep of your children.

A LED neon sign gives off a beautiful glow and does not have to worry about overheating. Its light Emitting Diodes ( LEDs) can produce the same brightness however they produce far lower heat than incandescent bulbs. With these new technologies, you can keep your temperature as cool as a cucumber while adding a touch of warmth to your bedroom.

#2: They’re Energy Efficient

LED lighting is the newest technology for energy conservation. These neon-lighted signs are an easy option for saving money while contributing to the preservation of the environment. They can lower the cost of your energy bills by as much as 90 percent compared to standard bulbs.

LED electronic components last longer than traditional bulbs. They can dramatically reduce emissions while also sustaining less maintenance costs. In other words, swapping out those traditional bulbs for LED lighting has many wonderful economic, environmental, and practical benefits.

#3: They Provide Comfort and Peace

Custom neon signs are the perfect bedroom decor to relax in your personal space. The glowing neon signs can be utilized to include a feature, from captivating quotes to playful images of your favorite characters.

The bright and great energy emitted from the custom neon signs can create a scene impressively. It’s like having a utopic chamber for those much-needed escapes from reality.

Your Custom Bedroom Signs Based upon Your Mood

Every person is different, and customized neon signs can create a unique way to highlight them just for you! These neon wall art pieces can be displayed throughout your home, even in your bedroom.

Whatever you feel like, whether you’re feeling content, excited, or fatigued One thing is certain: there’s a custom neon sign that can set the tone for your day.

These are the top LED neon signs that can be hung on the walls of your bedroom:

#1: “What Consumes your Mind is what controls your life” Neon Sign

Are you feeling stuck in an unending cycle? Take a step back and consider the thoughts and feelings that you have been most attentive to. They are the most significant elements of your current situation, no matter if it’s good or not.

Although it may seem simple, paying attention to positivity and gratitude for the good elements in your life can make a huge difference. The warm light of the “What Consumes Your Mind Controls Your Life” neon symbol near your bed is a kind of guide and guardian angel. to a life that is full of happiness and meaning.

#2: “I Like It When You Sleep Because You’re So Beautiful, Yet Unaware of It” Neon Sign

Are you feeling romantic this week? The timeless songs of 1975’s songs can fill your house with happiness and love. The ambiance that they created makes you feel at home when you’re laying down.

Imagine those words coming alive with neon light, sweeping your worries to a halt. These words are a constant reminder to us that we can take pleasure in and cherish our lives.

#3: “Stay Badass” Neon Sign

Are you looking to unleash your inner badass? Get yourself a daily dose of motivation by hanging this “Stay Badass” neon sign that you can hang in your home. This bedroom light serves as a reminder to appreciate the spirit of badassery in all forms since life is too short not to be awesomely you.

It can be placed in your bedroom to give you an additional boost every morning. It will give your bedroom a serious look. Be bold. Be daring. Stay badass!

#4: “Snorlax” Neon Sign

Do you feel like an hour of sleep? Say farewell to the days of a chaotic bedroom! Make your bedroom an oasis with this bright neon Pokemon sign, ideal to block out any external noise.

It has a stylish appeal that’ll add style to any bedroom design and serves as a great warning not to disturb your sleep, exactly like Snorlax! The soft light from the neon sign will enliven the bedroom and make it much easier to drift off into a dreamlike state.

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The neon signs for sale can be a great option to embellish your bedroom beautifully and enjoyably. There are a variety of options for accents, with a range of sizes and shapes to various themes.

Customizing your neon item is easy.

Unending possibilities and inspiration await you at Neonize. Our modernization of home services provides an endless array of possibilities. This is an innovative change that no one would like to miss.

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A Lasting Obsession with Neon Artistry

For over 100 years, the neon sign has been lighting up cities from Las Vegas to London. But could this cheerful glow be lost?

New Yorkers successfully fought for the preservation of a large neon sign that was prominently displayed on Brooklyn’s Ninth Street for decades. The sign advertised ‘Kentile Floors. The sign will move to another location as part of a redevelopment plan. This celebrates not only the products of a synthetic flooring manufacturer that stopped operations in the 1990s but also the enduring love affair people have with neon.

Ginia Bellafante writes in the New York Times claiming that Kentile Floors tiles were asbestos-containing. The company was subject to years of litigation from plaintiffs alleging its tiles caused cancer cases. Bellafante regards the Brooklyn sign campaign as “an extension to the creative class fetish for workingman’s lifestyle, the same sensibility, that has resulted [in the] New York Times]] in the fashion for Carhartt jackets and Essoshirts, trucker caps and factory paraphernalia among recent graduates of higher Eastern colleges – the ultimate symbol for the denied privilege.”

Perhaps. However, Kentile Floors or any other venerable neon signs are more than just a selling point. They also attract the eye like fireworks. They bring life to cities. They recall the glamour of downtown bars and speakeasy diners of the 1930s, and the thrill of getting there. Petula Clark sang “Downtown” in 1964.

Just listen to all the traffic in the city.

Energy replacement

One of London’s most beloved neon signs, Lucozade, advertised for years the bubbly energy drink. The sign was seen by many people who walked along the elevated road to Heathrow Airport. This cheerful sign with a bottle of sparkling golden bubbles pouring into a wineglass dates back to 1954. The original message, “Lucozade Aids Recovery”, was later changed to “Lucozade replaces lost energy” in the 1980s. It was threatened by demolition 10 years earlier. After six years of hard work by residents, and others’ support, the sign was transferred to Gunnersbury Museum and a replica was mounted at the side of the nearby car showroom. Margaret Hodge from Britain’s culture ministry commented that there was “no energy lost” because of the residents.

When JC Decaux – the sign- and street furniture company – announced plans last year to replace the replica bottle with a digital display showing the familiar, comforting old bottle transforming into the modern Lucozade Sports drink, it was another round. Lucozade is now owned and managed by Suntory, a Japanese drink company. It’s possible that they did not realize the value of the happy marriage neon and nostalgia to so many people.

While LEDs and fast-moving digital displays have replaced neon lights along main roads worldwide, neon still has a strong appeal. While the Piccadilly Circus in London has lost its last neon sign, which commemorates Sanyo (another Japanese company) since 1987, the Neon Museum located in Las Vegas’ spectacular Space Age lobby of La Concha Motel, designed by Paul Revere Williams, has been organizing tours of the incredible neon heritage of the desert city for busloads. Hong Kong remains a beacon for neon signs.

The neon kings

It all started in 1896 with William Ramsay, a British chemist, who discovered the extraordinary properties of the very rare gas – it makes up just 0.0018% of the Earth’s surface – when he placed neon into a glass container and used electricity to charge it. It was, he claimed, like the Northern Lights. A blaze of bright crimson light kept his fellow scientists spellbound.

Georges Claude (a French engineer, entrepreneur, and entrepreneur) displayed two neon signs that measured 12m in length at the Paris Motor Show. The public was impressed. Claude’s Air Liquide, his company, had neon signs all over Paris during the years that preceded World War I. In 1919, the lights in Europe were back on. The entrance to Paris Opera was lit with neon. Four years later, Claude sold a pair of neoprene signs to Earl C Anthony’s Packard store in Los Angeles. This set the pace for the many neon advertising signs that would follow, including Kentile Floors.

They helped make the Depressed Thirties bearable, as neon signs were a beacon of light in the Roaring Twenties. Hollywood, Times Square as well as countless family-friendly movie theatres and family restaurants were all home to neon signs. Signs were an art form, with each one handcrafted. You can see the artistry behind the mixing of colors using different gases. While neon shines red, there are violet light, blue, helium pink, and krypton silvery-white options for argon. While neon has lost its popularity among advertisers, it is still favored by artists such as Tracey Emin, Dan Flavin, and Bruce Nauman.

In neon signs, the 1930s Las Vegas world will be evoked. The first sign was a 1926 sign for Royal Typewriters on Nanjing East Road. They were also featured in movies like Ridley Scott’s Bladerunner of82, on album covers like John Lennon’s Rock’n’Roll 1974, and in lighting – in bands of pure white – Hong Kong’s origami-like Bank of China which was opened in 1990 by I M Pei (a Chinese-American architect).

It was during the 1960s and 1990s that neon signs were commonly associated with slumbering areas of inner-city streets. These areas were increasingly redeveloped in the 1990s and brought back to a comfortable, lucrative lifestyle. These were home to backstreet dives and sex bars. The neon hints at the more sinister side of city life. These old signs wave a flag to a blue-collar, industrial society of synthetic floor tiles. Wheel alignment and automobile parts are high above.

Despite the economic lure of LED and fluorescent lighting being cheaper, Neon continues to shine, despite the odds. Neon residents are determined not only to keep neon signs for sale or Kentile Floors lit but also for entire city centers like Hong Kong’s. LED Neon Sign, a bright, emotively uplifting, and immensely popular firework lighting symbol will forever be known as ‘downtown’.

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Exploring the Differences between Neon and LED Signs

A brightly-colored and well-lit signage on your property is the best method of attracting the attention of your customers and bringing people in. People are visual and will be more likely to purchase from you if your signage grabs their interest. While neon signs remain the most used type of advertising for businesses LED is gaining popularity. We’ve seen numerous LED neon signs being advertised as neon sign items when they’re quite different. This blog will help you know the difference between LED and neon so that you can make the right choice.

How are they different?

Neon sign

The most obvious difference between LED and neon lighting is that neon lighting comes in a hand-crafted glass tube. The light source is a reaction with an inert gas, which produces a fluorescent color as a result of the energy released. Neon tubes are beautifully crafted but they’re extremely fragile and carry the danger of damage to the tube when handled incorrectly. If the tube is damaged, the sign should be equipped with an open circuit safety feature, which means that if the tubes are damaged then the current will cease flowing to prevent any unwanted accident. Neon sign products are a favorite choice for firms of all sizes due to their attractive display and security features.

LED sign

LED lights and signs are created using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are strung together in a way that the light they release is reflected and produces a constant light source. Because LED neon signs are typically lighter than neon lights they are better protected from destruction and are typically coated with a polymer. It can be difficult to fix if damaged because each LED has to be attached manually to the base. Neon lights only require to be replaced with a glass tube. The disadvantage is that they are not able to be fixed in all places. This can make the letters look dull and awkward. The colors that emit are not as varied as neon signs’ glows, and appear solid.

Efficiency in energy use

An LED light requires less power to power its secondary than neon lights to provide efficient lighting and signs. Large neon displays can use up to 15,000 volts to operate (although this is rare nowadays). LEDs need only 24 volts. An LED display could be a great way to save dollars if you’re thinking of a big outdoor display. But for a commercial sign or small light display, the cost of running LED and neon lighting is very similar so there’s not much difference between the two. It is also worth considering that amperage is related to energy efficiency and a common neon sign uses less than 1 amp. It is important to determine the operating cost of your business’ sign against how appealing you think it will be for your clients because the neon sign is much easier on the eye than the LED neon sign.


If you are looking at the differences in cost between neon and LED neon signs, again it depends on the dimensions of the light display that you’re creating. Outdoor light displays that are large are LED cheaper than neon signs by 10 percent. However, it is a matter of deciding if the cost savings is worth the cost. The neon sign has an extended life than LED neon signs and is less likely repair or replacement. It is important to consider this when weighing cost. If you are talking about large expenses, however, this could make the odds in favor of LED. However, for smaller indoor signs, the cost difference between neon and LED is very small.

Curb Appeal

There’s a reason neon signs are well-liked by businesses across the globe the light they emit is warm and inviting. The neon light itself brings memories of old-fashioned glamour, places like Las Vegas and Tokyo, brand trustworthiness, and nostalgia that people can’t resist. In comparison, LED lights are bright but could appear cold, stiff, and unnatural to the eye. They’re a new concept that gives them an edgier look however, not always in a pleasing way, so it is important to look for the ones that have the best curb appeal.


It’s all about personal preference as to which neon or LED neon sign is better for you or your business. It is important to take into consideration the benefits of each to make an informed decision. However, ultimately you will decide which one is the best. If you buy an item and aren’t even attracted by it, then it’s probably not going to offer your customers something either. It’s more beneficial to consider the design aspect of a sign rather than focusing on the efficiency or price.

Shining a Light on Your Message: The Advantages of Neon Signage in Advertising

Digital signage is changing how you can set up your marketing and branding standards at your location. Learning about this sign type can assist your venue in deciding whether it is time to change to digital signage.

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Digital Signage in comparison to. Static Signage

Digital signs are a cutting-edge alternative to traditional advertising and data sharing. Digital signs let you show dynamic information on screens. Digital signage is utilized to advertise, guide visitors around your venue, direct traffic, and even broadcast live events. You can enhance their functionality or alter their function and even update them to fit your marketing and branding goals.

Static signs are more common in the field of marketing. They are permanent signs with unchanging messages or that need physical changes. While software solutions control digital signage displays, changing static signs require commissioning a new sign, or changing its design elements. Static signs are excellent navigation and branding tools, incorporating lighting, shapes, and color theories to attract your intended audience.

Digital Signage Benefits

Digital signage is an option that could bring unique benefits to your venue although many companies and organizations still rely on static signs. These benefits will aid you in determining if digital signage is the ideal marketing and advertising strategy for your establishment.

1. Update Messages Frequently

Digital signage has many advantages, including the ability to alter your display whenever you require them. You can seamlessly switch between sponsor ads, event information, and live broadcasts. It is possible to program content to automatically change, making it more cost-effective than static methods. If you need to make last-minute additions, you just change your software application to reflect changes, making it more adaptable to your specific needs.

2. Boost Entertainment and Engagement

Digital signs can be used to provide all sorts of information, beyond just information. Digital signage can increase the visibility of your venue, whether you are using them for sporting events, concerts games, or any other reason. You can broadcast live events and actions to everyone in your space, thereby creating a more positive experience. With content that is easily viewed by your guests, they will be entertained throughout the duration of their stay.

When the action gets slow, or there are breaks in concerts or games If you are having a concert or game, you can utilize the digital signage system to keep your spectators engaged. Many stadiums have digital screens that are able to make interactive experiences. Other games such as trivia and scavenger hunts are also offered. Your guests will have fun while watching your digital signage and what it has to provide.

Season ticket holders as well as returning guests will have the chance to experience something new every time they go to your venue by altering the program. It’s the best way to keep them interested and offer something new to look forward to.

3. Chat easily with guests

If you are hosting an event in your venue, you may need to give information to your guests. You may have to rely on announcements made by mouth to provide information, which could be confusing to read. Static signs can also help, but they can be inaccurate or outdated if situations change. Digital signage permits you to make changes that are relevant to the specific event and audience, with the help of updated information and different languages.

They can be used as communication tools for many reasons. They can be put up throughout the venue to guide pedestrian and vehicle traffic. After your event, electronic signs will provide instructions on how to safely and effectively exit. They can be put in parking spaces to direct guests towards areas that are open. Set up your concession stands with digital signs that allow you to change menus to accommodate new or sold-out items.

4. Enhance brand awareness

LED neon signs can assist you to design unique fixtures that make your venue stand out. You can work with a sign maker to modify its shape and size to design a solution that best fits your requirements and grabs guests’ attention. You can also experiment with customized shapes and wrap-around screens.

Signs like these can help make your stadium and its fixtures become landmarks in the local area which makes them more appealing to visitors and locals. Visitors can snap photos in front of the screen to share on social media, gaining the attention of those who tag your location. Clear visual elements help guests locate your location, further fostering a more comprehensive positive experience.

You can compete better with other venues by making use of the most recent technology and innovative methods. You can expect to see more revenue as well as customer loyalty as your venue is well-known and appreciated by visitors.

5. Make a sense of urgency

Because you can modify and update your LED neon signs anytime it is possible to increase the urgency around the products and offers. Temporary advertisements can communicate to your customers that your offerings aren’t available which can prompt them to act earlier. Signs that are static can give some urgency, but they may be ignored by customers after a time, forgetting their message and possibly leading to fewer sales. If you’re trying to boost the sales of your establishment using a digitally-powered solution, then a dynamic one may be the best option.

Digital Signage: Aspects to Be Considered

Like any LED neon signs solution digital signage is unique in its elements to take into consideration before committing. Knowing how these elements influence your use of digital signage can help you determine if this sign solution is suitable for your needs. Think about these aspects of digital signage:

  • Initial costs: Although digital LED neon signs are more affordable to maintain and upgrade, however, they still come with greater upfront costs. The digital technology required for this signage option will increase installation fees and costs for purchase. This signage option might not be suitable for you if you have a tight budget.
  • Expertise in technical expertise and maintenance: Software solutions make it easier to upgrade digital signs in locations. But, you’ll need to create updates yourself and this can be a daunting task for teams with no technical experience. Technical experts are needed to be able to oversee software updates, deal with technical issues and resolve them.
  • Opportunities missed and speed: You need to optimize your advertising and digital content to ensure maximum viewing. Viewers might be distracted by moving or temporary messages. Timing and repetition can help but they don’t have the same security that static signs offer.

There are many benefits to digital signage venues. Knowing the facts can give you knowledge of the way in which investing in this kind of signage is carried out.

Create a Unique Neon Sign with Our Custom Logo Maker

Neon Logo Maker

Neon Logo Design Inspiration

Want your brand to stand out? Consider including neon colors in your color scheme. Neon is a great choice for branding, whether you’re looking to create a glow-in-the-dark mini-putt, paintball range, spring break party business, or other activities. When used creatively, neon can make your logo pop. However, it is important not to go overboard. Your logo should not be too bright or use too many neon colors. This can make it difficult for the eyes. It’s not what you want.

Our custom neon sign logo generator allows you to quickly create awesome logos. To generate business signs that grab attention, you can also use the generator as a neon LED sign logo maker. The guided design process is easy to use so anyone can use it. Use our logo generator today!

Neon Logo Design Tips

These are some design tips to remember when you start creating neon logo designs. These are guidelines. You can break these design rules. Enjoy designing!


An important consideration is your choice of typeface. It is easy to overlook fonts when designing logos. Different fonts communicate different stories so be sure to understand which font family best fits your industry and message. GraphicSprings allows you to explore different fonts and even font pairings. Use no more than 2 fonts, and use contrasting styles for the tagline and business name.


The symbol is often the central point of a logo. Your icon can be either abstract or literal. No matter which route you take, we recommend that you stick with a simple and clean design. Simple icons are more easily remembered and scale better than complex designs.


Color can make or break your logo. Different colors convey different emotions. Designing your logo should not be limited to your personal preference. It is important to understand the meaning of colors. GraphicSprings makes it easy for you to pair different colors. It is best not to use more than three colors. If you are a skilled designer, mixing many different colors can be a good idea. You can use two to three colors if you’re looking for something safe. If not, keep it simple and try contrasting color sets.


There are many options when it comes to layout. Be creative. Your symbol and text can be aligned in a variety of ways. Be aware of this: Be careful not to make your logo excessively long. It is possible to run out of space depending on the location where you will implement your logo.

Frequently Asked Question

A neon logo maker can seem intimidating at first. GraphicSprings is used by thousands of people just like you to create cool neon logos. These are some of the most common questions we get from users. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support channel.

How does your online logo maker make neon colors?

It takes just minutes to create a logo using our logo maker. Our application makes it easy to create a custom-made logo in just minutes. Enter your company name and tagline to get started. There are thousands of templates for professionals, organized by industry. After you have found a design you like, you can customize it. Our design process is quick, but that doesn’t mean it has to be rushed. If you have a particular vision, it is possible to breeze through the steps and then be done. You don’t have to be a professional if your brand or logo isn’t what you want. Consider a variety of designs and ask for feedback from your business partners, customers, friends, and family.

Where can I use my custom neon emblem?

You can use your logo wherever you like. If you are considering using a logo maker, you should already know where your logo will be displayed. You can use it on your website, social channels, or printed materials. Your logo can only be as good as the quality files you get. High-resolution files (300 dpi) will allow you to upload your logo. Your logo will be scaled to any size you want, regardless of whether it’s displayed on a screen or in a physical space. Once you’re done with your logo, you can access it in various file formats such as JPG and PNG, or PDF.

Can I obtain source files for my neon-colored logo?

Yes, source files can be accessed. Our application allows you to access vector files, unlike other solutions. SVG, EPS or AI files are all available on request. Source files can be modified using any third-party software. This is their beauty of them. Vector files may be requested by designers or printers in the future. You are in complete control of the files as long you own them. This will allow you to make modifications to your logo outside of our neon-logo maker. When you need to scale and print your logo on banners, car decals, or storefront windows, source files are a great option.

What are the chances of me getting transparent files for my neon company’s logo?

Transparent files are extremely popular and required for the correct implementation of your logo across print and the internet. The PNG file will contain your logo for a nominal fee. PNG files can be downloaded transparently, which means they don’t need a background. In many cases, your logo can be displayed against an image background that is colored. A PNG file will not be accepted unless your website has a white background. Similar rules apply to your social media accounts and business cards. When possible, we recommend that you use the PNG file. This allows you to easily change the background color and prevents a white box from appearing under your logo.

Is your neon logo creator free?

You can design unlimited logos. Collect feedback from cofounders and family members, and only finish when you are completely satisfied. Your high-resolution files can be accessed for a small fee once you are ready to launch the brand. For concepts and revisions, traditional designers will charge you. Because you pay upfront, all risk is taken and you never know if the designer can create a design you like. GraphicSprings lets you play with hundreds of designs completely free. You are not required to buy anything. If you are in love with a logo that you like, you can choose to download the files at a minimal cost.

I need some ideas for neon logos. Could I use your logo software as inspiration?

Yes. There is no pressure to create and save a logo. Our database contains many beautiful templates that will inspire you to create a neon logo. You will find many options for neon logo designs from our designers to help you make your job easier. Feel inspired? Start customizing or downloading the original. You can browse our database, whether you’re a marketer or a graphic designer. Have fun! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect product to fit your brand vision. Sometimes it takes time for inspiration to strike. If you are unable to find a design you love, you can try again tomorrow or the next day. Last tip: Small modifications can sometimes make a design better. If you are looking for the perfect idea, try customizing some of your favorite designs.

GraphicSprings is the best brand solution

Our neon logo generator is the first of its kind. Based on the feedback of users like you, we’ve continuously improved our template and application database. This neon logo designer was designed with entrepreneurs and small-business owners in mind. We don’t expect you are a professional graphic designer. Your primary focus should be on growing your non-profit, business, or company. GraphicSprings developed a simple and intuitive solution that anyone could use without needing to be familiar with design principles. The proof is in what you see. Try our logo editor and we guarantee you will be impressed with the results.

Can I get a unique, neon company logo designed for my business?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to customize your logo to meet your brand’s needs. It’s easier to modify than to create a logo. This is why we offer a starting point. You will find thousands of professionally designed templates for logos, sorted by industry. You can customize any one of our templates with our editor. Once you choose a design, it is loaded into the application. You can then make modifications to the design as many times as you like. You will be able to modify font size, font spacing, effects, layout, and more. You will also have the ability to modify the graphic’s colors, effects, and placement. You can create a unique logo for your business using our advanced editing technology. Enjoy the editing process.