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Neon Logo Maker

Neon Logo Design Inspiration

Want your brand to stand out? Consider including neon colors in your color scheme. Neon is a great choice for branding, whether you’re looking to create a glow-in-the-dark mini-putt, paintball range, spring break party business, or other activities. When used creatively, neon can make your logo pop. However, it is important not to go overboard. Your logo should not be too bright or use too many neon colors. This can make it difficult for the eyes. It’s not what you want.

Our custom neon sign logo generator allows you to quickly create awesome logos. To generate business signs that grab attention, you can also use the generator as a neon LED sign logo maker. The guided design process is easy to use so anyone can use it. Use our logo generator today!

Neon Logo Design Tips

These are some design tips to remember when you start creating neon logo designs. These are guidelines. You can break these design rules. Enjoy designing!


An important consideration is your choice of typeface. It is easy to overlook fonts when designing logos. Different fonts communicate different stories so be sure to understand which font family best fits your industry and message. GraphicSprings allows you to explore different fonts and even font pairings. Use no more than 2 fonts, and use contrasting styles for the tagline and business name.


The symbol is often the central point of a logo. Your icon can be either abstract or literal. No matter which route you take, we recommend that you stick with a simple and clean design. Simple icons are more easily remembered and scale better than complex designs.


Color can make or break your logo. Different colors convey different emotions. Designing your logo should not be limited to your personal preference. It is important to understand the meaning of colors. GraphicSprings makes it easy for you to pair different colors. It is best not to use more than three colors. If you are a skilled designer, mixing many different colors can be a good idea. You can use two to three colors if you’re looking for something safe. If not, keep it simple and try contrasting color sets.


There are many options when it comes to layout. Be creative. Your symbol and text can be aligned in a variety of ways. Be aware of this: Be careful not to make your logo excessively long. It is possible to run out of space depending on the location where you will implement your logo.

Frequently Asked Question

A neon logo maker can seem intimidating at first. GraphicSprings is used by thousands of people just like you to create cool neon logos. These are some of the most common questions we get from users. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support channel.

How does your online logo maker make neon colors?

It takes just minutes to create a logo using our logo maker. Our application makes it easy to create a custom-made logo in just minutes. Enter your company name and tagline to get started. There are thousands of templates for professionals, organized by industry. After you have found a design you like, you can customize it. Our design process is quick, but that doesn’t mean it has to be rushed. If you have a particular vision, it is possible to breeze through the steps and then be done. You don’t have to be a professional if your brand or logo isn’t what you want. Consider a variety of designs and ask for feedback from your business partners, customers, friends, and family.

Where can I use my custom neon emblem?

You can use your logo wherever you like. If you are considering using a logo maker, you should already know where your logo will be displayed. You can use it on your website, social channels, or printed materials. Your logo can only be as good as the quality files you get. High-resolution files (300 dpi) will allow you to upload your logo. Your logo will be scaled to any size you want, regardless of whether it’s displayed on a screen or in a physical space. Once you’re done with your logo, you can access it in various file formats such as JPG and PNG, or PDF.

Can I obtain source files for my neon-colored logo?

Yes, source files can be accessed. Our application allows you to access vector files, unlike other solutions. SVG, EPS or AI files are all available on request. Source files can be modified using any third-party software. This is their beauty of them. Vector files may be requested by designers or printers in the future. You are in complete control of the files as long you own them. This will allow you to make modifications to your logo outside of our neon-logo maker. When you need to scale and print your logo on banners, car decals, or storefront windows, source files are a great option.

What are the chances of me getting transparent files for my neon company’s logo?

Transparent files are extremely popular and required for the correct implementation of your logo across print and the internet. The PNG file will contain your logo for a nominal fee. PNG files can be downloaded transparently, which means they don’t need a background. In many cases, your logo can be displayed against an image background that is colored. A PNG file will not be accepted unless your website has a white background. Similar rules apply to your social media accounts and business cards. When possible, we recommend that you use the PNG file. This allows you to easily change the background color and prevents a white box from appearing under your logo.

Is your neon logo creator free?

You can design unlimited logos. Collect feedback from cofounders and family members, and only finish when you are completely satisfied. Your high-resolution files can be accessed for a small fee once you are ready to launch the brand. For concepts and revisions, traditional designers will charge you. Because you pay upfront, all risk is taken and you never know if the designer can create a design you like. GraphicSprings lets you play with hundreds of designs completely free. You are not required to buy anything. If you are in love with a logo that you like, you can choose to download the files at a minimal cost.

I need some ideas for neon logos. Could I use your logo software as inspiration?

Yes. There is no pressure to create and save a logo. Our database contains many beautiful templates that will inspire you to create a neon logo. You will find many options for neon logo designs from our designers to help you make your job easier. Feel inspired? Start customizing or downloading the original. You can browse our database, whether you’re a marketer or a graphic designer. Have fun! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect product to fit your brand vision. Sometimes it takes time for inspiration to strike. If you are unable to find a design you love, you can try again tomorrow or the next day. Last tip: Small modifications can sometimes make a design better. If you are looking for the perfect idea, try customizing some of your favorite designs.

GraphicSprings is the best brand solution

Our neon logo generator is the first of its kind. Based on the feedback of users like you, we’ve continuously improved our template and application database. This neon logo designer was designed with entrepreneurs and small-business owners in mind. We don’t expect you are a professional graphic designer. Your primary focus should be on growing your non-profit, business, or company. GraphicSprings developed a simple and intuitive solution that anyone could use without needing to be familiar with design principles. The proof is in what you see. Try our logo editor and we guarantee you will be impressed with the results.

Can I get a unique, neon company logo designed for my business?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to customize your logo to meet your brand’s needs. It’s easier to modify than to create a logo. This is why we offer a starting point. You will find thousands of professionally designed templates for logos, sorted by industry. You can customize any one of our templates with our editor. Once you choose a design, it is loaded into the application. You can then make modifications to the design as many times as you like. You will be able to modify font size, font spacing, effects, layout, and more. You will also have the ability to modify the graphic’s colors, effects, and placement. You can create a unique logo for your business using our advanced editing technology. Enjoy the editing process.

Blog LED Neon Sign Guides
Neon Signs on the Rise: What Makes Them Captivating?

Popularity Of Neon Signs

It is unmistakable that neon signs are attractive. No matter where they are displayed, neon signs can be admired in commercial areas like cafes. One decides to purchase them for their bedroom and living room. They’re bright and glowing and leave an impression. You can have personalized neon signs made or pick from one of the most well-known designs. These signs can be used to promote your business.

For advertising or putting up a sign in front of one’s cafe or shop, a neon sign will get attention. There are many options for neon signs: party neon signs, birthday neon signs, party signs, or just clever quotes and figures that can be used as general aesthetics.

Here are some of the reasons neon signs catch so much attention among individuals and businesses.

Design and use

The versatility of neon signs is what makes them so useful and fun. They can be used in many environments. They can be used to decorate your home’s interior. For commercial spaces such as cafes and bars. They are a great fit and can help make your place feel well-planned and organized.

They also come with a selection of neon signs designs. These are easy to customize and personalize, making it easier to make the room feel more personalized.

Edgy pop look

They are very popular for their artistic appeal. They have a strong pop-culture feel that attracts young people. This neon light can easily be used to give the room a retro look. The unique lights can easily improve the overall look of any space. Neonza Studio sells high-quality neon signs.

Save energy

This generation should be concerned about the primary energy footprint as well as their energy bills. Neon signs can be used in place of lightbulbs and other less-efficient options. Neon signs leave little energy footprint. This means that their energy consumption is much lower than other lighting sources. This makes them environment-friendly.

The energy used by neon signs is also significantly lower, which makes them more cost-effective. This means that the monthly energy bill will be much more manageable. This is because these lights can last up to 8-10 years.

Attracts Eyes

The advertisement should be about generating interest. If your efforts go unnoticed, you will practically not get any leads from the advertisement. That can be changed by making the ads engaging and entertaining. It’s easy to do this with neon signs or boards.

It is easy to draw people to something that is bright, colorful, and glowing. That is why custom neon signs are so popular. These LED neon signs can also be customized according to your business needs. You can choose among the most popular options, such as good feelings only neon signs, or have them custom-made.

It’s easy to make an otherwise boring area interesting and lively with neon signs. It is a great way to grab people’s attention and gives off an interesting retro style. You can change the settings quickly, which is the best part.

Blog LED Neon Sign Guides
Get in the Festive Spirit with These Stunning Christmas Neon Signs

Neon signs are the best way for Christmas decorations to be transformed

Every occasion brings joy, happiness, and joy to our lives. Christmas is the best time of year! Our amazing Christmas decoration idea is something we are sure that everyone will love. You can light up Christmas with a fun and stylish neon sign.

A neon sign can add a touch of magic to Christmas decorations. The Christmas neon sign is a unique and creative way to brighten up your festive season. These can be used for home decor or business decor.

There’s a wide variety of Merry Christmas Neon Sign styles, designs, and colors. You can pick from our list or make your own.

Top Designs for Christmas Neon signs

  • Merry Christmas Neon Sign

The most well-loved neon sign for Christmas, the “Merry Christmas” sign, is very popular. It is bright and cheerful, and it gives us a joyful feeling about Christmas. Depending on the colors you choose, your neon sign can be customized to reflect Christmas cheer and placed in a window.

  • Christmas Tree Neon Light

The Christmas tree neon light signs will bring Christmas cheer to your space. This light sign is beautiful and magical and will transform any space in no time. A Christmas tree neon lamp with a star on the top lets you unleash your festive spirit, and adds a magic touch to your Christmas decoration.

  • Santa Claus Neon Sign

Ho Ho Ho When it is near the Christmas tree, a Santa Claus custom Neon Sign will draw the most attention from your guests. A Santa Claus custom neon sign is a popular decoration that everyone will like. It can be placed near the Christmas tree to make your Christmas celebrations even more special.

  • Let’s Party Neon Stick

Let’s Party neon lighting is the perfect choice for Christmas party decor. A party-themed neon sign can make your home decor both insta-worthy (or snap-worthy)! This Christmas decoration item is also great for other occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Isn’t that incredible and so cost-saving?

You can create your own Merry Christmas custom Neon Sign with the design, quote, or character that appeals to YOU. No matter what design choice you make, it will certainly brighten your Christmas Day.

What are the benefits of a Christmas neon sign?

Brightly lit custom neon signs Christmas with various designs announce the arrival of X-Mas Day. You can make your neon vibes, by choosing the style, font, and color to brighten up any festivity.

Christmas: Celebrates the magical year

Christmas is the most magical season! Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Home decorations and Christmas trees are the most popular decorations. But, these decorations are still very traditional. Don’t use old-fashioned decorations; add sparkle, lights, warmth, and a personal touch to Christmas celebrations.

Blog LED Neon Sign Guides
Trendy Teenage Room Decor

What are the best trendy bedroom decor ideas for teens?

Does your teenager’s room feel dull and monotonous?

Do you want to add some quirky fun and personality to the decor of your home?

Are you looking for creative and trendy ideas to decorate your teen room?

If you have any questions or are searching for trendy teenage room decor ideas then this is the place to be. We understand that decorating a teenager’s room can be challenging.

Matching your teenager’s bedroom decor to your home is possible. However, you should not let your teenage child decorate their room.

You need to make sure that the teenager’s bedroom decor reflects their style and personality in a fun way. Because their room is an expression of their mind, beliefs, and thoughts, it is essential to pick the best trendy teenage decor.

The space is where teenagers live, study, eat, and watch movies and TV. Therefore, the decor of their bedroom must match their personality. A trendy bedroom for teens can transform a teenager’s space.

This is the most trendy idea for decorating a teenage bedroom.

Though it may seem like a daunting task, transforming a teen room can be made easy with our best trendy and exciting teenage room decor ideas.

Teenagers should have a place that is their own. This includes trendy rooms for teens. Neon Signs, which are affordable and will make your teenager’s space look amazing, is our top pick.

Neon Sign Ideas for your Teenage Room Decor

The neon light sign is a fun and playful addition to the room’s aesthetic. The neon sign is a great way to give your teenage room a new look. These neon signs are our favorite way to brighten up your room.

The wide variety of LED neon signs available allows you to choose the best fit. You can show off your creativity and make your neon signs.

The trendy neon signs to decorate a teenager’s bedroom?

Here are some cool and trendy quotes about teenage room LED neon signs that we love to hang up on their walls.

Apart from these cool neon sign quotes, you can also make your personalized teenager’s bedroom sign. It could be their name, favorite catchphrase or quote, or a poem. A trendy bedroom design for teens can make it a comfortable and stylish space to live and sleep in.

For teenage rooms, a neon sign is the best. It will brighten up your room in the most exciting, colorful, and vibrant way. Consider a neon sign to match their personality. They can be motivated by just looking at it. These neon signs can be used to cheer up your teenager or have their friends stay at the house.

Blog LED Neon Sign Guides
The Many Benefits of Using Neon Signs for Advertising and Branding

Neon signs are a unique and beautiful form of outdoor advertising. Neon lights are a great way to draw attention from passers-by, even in the dark. One of the most distinctive types of advertising is neon advertising. It is hard to miss the brightly colored drawings and writings.

Neon Sign History

The 20s saw the first European neon signs being lit up. It is easy to see why neon signs are so popular. They light up with the last sunrays and are a vital part of nightlife. This type of advertising and decor is even the subject of a museum in Las Vegas. You can now customize your neon signs online, before you order them.

There are many benefits to neon signs. We have collected all the facts you need about neon.

Neon benefits:

  1. A skilled craftsman can make any shape from tubes filled with neon or argon. All of it is possible with neon tubes, from street signs and lights to whole images for nightclubs and bars.
  2. Durability. Neon signs can last for up to 10 years on average. This is a significant savings compared to lighting.
  3. Temperature is not an issue. The neon tubes don’t worry about heat and snow, which is something that can’t be said for fluorescent lights.
  4. The neon sign is not too hot. Maximum temperature for heating is 40 degrees Celsius
  5. There are many colors to choose from. You can create almost any color and shade with neon tubes
  6. They can be combined with other elements. It is possible to combine them with plastic, glass, and other elements due to the low heating temperatures.
  7. Instantly glow. There is no waiting for the sign to turn on.
  8. Due to uniform gas distribution, there are no dark spots on the tube. This ensures that the color of the sign is uniform across its entire surface.
  9. There are no short circuits or burnouts. Neon signs can be used safely.

Neon Sign

Businesses with unique designs are very fond of neon signs. This can be used by a cafe, restaurant, or bar looking to create a unique design.

Neon sign for a pub. Bars are the most popular used for neon signs. Bars are the most common use of neon signs due to their late-working hours and the fact that they can be easily redesigned by a neon sign. The neon sign can be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration. Decorators can place it above the bar or the stage for performing artists to help them focus on the most important aspects of their business.

Neon sign for your home. Neon signs are popular for advertising purposes. They are also very popular in private homes and apartments. The buyers love the unusual style and creative approach. LED neon signs look great in the living area, where family and friends gather in an exciting setting. A neon sign can also be used as a replacement for a nightlight if it is hung in the bedroom or child’s room.

Photoshoots with neon signs Photographers/videographers have discovered the uses of neon signs for unique and interesting shots. You can give the impression of a photoshoot by placing this sign in the area for photoshoots.

Neon Signs For Home

Are you looking for ways to make your home stand out from the rest? It’s now easier to add brightness to your everyday design choices.

Each product is made individually according to the customer’s preferences. You have the opportunity to purchase custom-designed LED neon signs that will enhance your home’s interior.

Why should we choose neon for interior design in an apartment?

  • Light source = decor element. Neon will decorate shelves and walls, but it will also let you fill the space with soft light to enhance the interior.
  • Neon lasts a long time. Neon is not as bright as a traditional luminaire. It does not have an intense filament that can burn out quickly. A neon sign can be purchased for your room and you won’t have to worry about replacing it in a few months. The neon sign can last for 10-15 years.
  • Security. In normal working conditions, the temperature of the product does not exceed 40°C. This means that there is less risk of fire with such decorations than with a table lamp.
  • Low power consumption. LED neon signs for a home consume less electricity than incandescent lamps, which is a benefit for the operation.
  • There is no annoying sound during operation, the neon light is almost inaudible;
  • It is possible to design a light pattern in almost any shape or length.

How can I mount such a sign at my home?

There are many ways to use neon at home; we will only list a few of the most common uses:

  • Ceiling lighting. Ceiling lighting is ideal for creating lighting effects or lighting patterns, especially when ceilings are of different levels and ceiling structures.
  • Floor lighting. This type of lighting can transform a floor into a place for creativity. Furniture decorated with hidden neon lights will “float in the air” and you need to protect the lights!
  • The walls can be lit. You can create any type of figure using neon, including inscriptions, drawings, and brands. These solutions can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.
Blog LED Neon Sign Guides
Longevity and Resilience: Examining the Lifespan of LED Neon Signs

Customers are often concerned about the durability of custom LED Neon signs and how they will perform in the specific location where they plan to place them. A custom Neon sign that isn’t in good condition will be thrown away.


NeonExperts helps you with this. Our LED Neon uses a unique polymer tube that can be bent or twisted, preventing signs from snapping. The surface is extremely resistant to scratching and breakages. This allows the light through without interruption, creating a uniform glow throughout neon. Because of the LED Neon’s flexibility, we can create any design that you want. Our workshop team will quickly bend the Neon tubing into the desired shape and connect it to your preferred backing board.

Traditional glass Neon is more expensive than traditional glass Neon because the glass tubing has to be heated up before any modifications are made. This can take time and increase the cost. InnoNeon Flex is much more durable than traditional Neon. Because the glass is so fragile, it can crack and shatter if they are not taken care of.


Our workshop team is capable of waterproofing your LED Neon sign according to IP67 standards. LED Neon will need to be waterproofed to prevent damage from rain. Our team waterproofs your sign by sealing any openings in LED Neon. This ensures that nothing can get into the polymer tubing. Waterproofing can also be applied to indoor signs that might come into direct contact with water. This depends on the situation and location.

Our LED Neon is weather-resistant and will illuminate your business in all kinds of weather.

The safety of our LED Neon signs is another thing we can guarantee. LED Neon sign is much safer than traditional Neon. Traditional Neon can shatter and could cause injuries. Also, the surface made of polymer tubing is extremely warm and will not cause any burns or electrocutes if touched. All signs we produce are compliant with local regulations on an international level.

These LED Neon signs have a 100,000-hour guaranteed lifespan.