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DIY Magic: Creating LED Neon Signs for All

Unearth your crafty side and illuminate your space with the magic of handmade LED neon signs. This guide is designed for novices and seasoned DIY enthusiasts alike. Together, we will traverse the enlightening path of neon sign creation!

DIY Magic: Creating LED Neon Signs for All

The Sparkling History of Neon Signs

Neon signs, with their irresistible charm, have adorned our streets and businesses for over a century. Initiated in the roaring 1900s, these radiant features have defined the aesthetic of urban nightlife across the globe. With the advent of LED technology, a safer, eco-friendlier path has been paved for the next generation of neon sign crafters. Let’s blend the vintage allure of traditional neon with the versatility of modern LED strips and create magic!

DIY Essentials: Gathering Your Neon Sign Toolkit

Before embarking on this luminous journey, it’s vital to equip yourself with the right set of tools and materials. These include LED neon flex strips, a reliable power supply, a plastic or acrylic board for your sign’s backing, a cutting tool, wire, solder, and a soldering iron. Silicone glue can be beneficial in securing the LED strips to your backing. You can find these essentials online or at your local hardware stores.

Illuminating Steps: Your Guide to Crafting LED Neon Signs

Creating a neon sign is as straightforward as following a recipe, provided you stick to the steps:

1. Sketch Your Design: Begin by outlining your desired design. It could be a word, a symbol, or any shape that reflects your style.

2. Prepare Your Backing: Tailor your plastic or acrylic board to match your design, leaving ample space on the edges for hanging or mounting your sign.

3. Affix the LED Strips: Customize your LED strips to align with your design, then attach them to your backing using silicone glue.

4. Solder the Connections: Connect the LED strips to your power supply using wire, and carefully solder the connections.

5. Light up Your Sign: Once all is set, plug in your power supply and watch your neon sign come alive!

Safety First: Precautions for Neon Sign Creation

Remember, safety is paramount in any DIY project. When handling electricity, it’s crucial to observe safety measures. Ensure your workspace is dry and well-ventilated. Disconnect your power supply before making any adjustments or connections. Use heat-resistant gloves while soldering to protect your hands from potential burns.

Let Your Creativity Glow: Design Inspirations for Your LED Neon Sign

The beauty of DIY is the freedom to customize. Let your neon sign be a reflection of your style and personality. From motivational words to iconic symbols or your original design, the options are limitless. Consider the ambiance of the room where your sign will reside—its colors, theme, and layout—and create a neon sign that enhances it.

LED Neon Sign Care: Keeping Your Creation Shining Bright

Like all electronic gadgets, your neon sign requires regular care for optimal performance and longevity. Protect it from extreme temperatures and humidity. Use a soft cloth to dust it regularly to prevent the dimming of LED lights due to dust accumulation. Don’t forget to switch off your neon sign when not in use to extend its lifespan.

DIY Magic: Creating LED Neon Signs for All

Your Questions Answered: Common Neon Sign Creation Queries

This section addresses frequent questions and challenges that beginners might face during the neon sign creation process. From understanding the suitable voltage for your power supply to troubleshooting issues with your LED strips, we’ve got you covered.

Crafting a neon sign using LED strips is not just about creating a decorative piece—it’s a fantastic journey of expressing your creativity and adding a personal touch to your space.

Blog Decor Ideas with LED Neon Signs DIY LED Neon Sign Projects
Bright Beasts: Why Neon Tiger Signs are the New Rage

Bright Beasts: Why Neon Tiger Signs are the New Rage

Burning bright in the neon forests of the night, the neon tiger sign asserts its magnetic allure. It exudes an air of untamed power and striking beauty, capturing the spirit of the majestic tiger. Let’s dive into the jungle of neon tiger signs, exploring their roaring appeal and the reasons behind their surging popularity.

Bright Beasts: Why Neon Tiger Signs are the New Rage

Stripes of Light: The Aesthetic Allure of Neon Tiger Signs

The aesthetic allure of neon tiger signs is as powerful as the beast they represent. With their fiery glow, they command attention and add a hint of wildness to any setting. From minimalist silhouettes to detailed portraits, these signs bring the vibrant beauty of tigers to life in glowing lines of light.

The King of Neon Jungle: The Versatility of Neon Tiger Signs

Neon tiger signs demonstrate versatility that matches their real-life counterparts. From hip cafes and trendy boutiques to personal spaces craving a touch of the wild, these signs lend a unique and intense energy. No matter your decor style, a neon tiger sign can roar its way into the design.

The Eye of the Tiger: Symbolism Behind Neon Tiger Signs

Choosing a neon tiger sign goes beyond aesthetics; it also resonates with the symbolism of the tiger. Regarded as a symbol of strength, courage, and power in many cultures, a neon tiger sign imparts these attributes onto your space, bringing layers of meaning to its brilliant glow.

Roaring Purchase: Considerations When Buying a Neon Tiger Sign

When hunting for the perfect neon tiger sign, keep certain key factors in mind. Consider the size of the sign to ensure it fits your space, and evaluate the quality of the neon light for longevity and brightness. Pay attention to energy efficiency, especially if you’re planning to let your sign roar throughout the night.

The Tiger’s Den: Where to Buy Quality Neon Tiger Signs

The quest for neon tiger signs may lead you to various vendors – online marketplaces, local shops, or specialized signage stores. Stick with reputable providers known for their quality and excellent customer service. Read reviews and ratings to ensure you’re getting the best beast for your buck.

Bright Beasts: Why Neon Tiger Signs are the New Rage

In Conclusion

Neon tiger signs are more than just decorative pieces; they’re a glowing tribute to the power and beauty of one of nature’s most majestic creatures. With this guide, your exploration into the world of neon tiger signs promises to be as thrilling as a midnight jungle expedition. So, let the neon lights guide you and find a sign that roars its unique beauty into your space.

Blog DIY LED Neon Sign Projects
The Power Consumption of LED Neon Signs: A Comparison with Other Light Sources

LED neon signs do not use as much electricity. The size of the lightbulb will determine how many people are using it. The frequency you use them can impact how much you pay for electricity.

Even though LED neon signs have a lower cost than traditional glass neon lights, they are still more effective than old-fashioned neon lights. Let’s talk about LED neon signs. How much electricity do they require? 


Consumers are becoming more interested in LED neon signage. For commercial and domestic use, LED neon signage is becoming more popular.

The two are very different in their construction and operation. It is made up of enough spaced LED strips. The light-emitting diodes are placed in a way that light sources can overlap.

The constant, bright glow it gives is unlike that of flickering neon lights. All LEDs come with protective polymers. The LEDs are much lighter than traditional neon glass tubing. They have high flexibility.

Glass is fragile and can break easily, which means that LEDs are not as fragile as their counterparts. Neon lights are typically slightly taller and wider than LEDs. The latter can reach as little as an inch in thickness, while the former has a minimum size of three to five by six inches.

The backing should be at least a foot away from the glass tube in traditional neon signs. Because of these factors, LEDs are becoming more popular because they are inexpensive. Additionally, LEDs offer a better way of creating ambiance and functionality.


The majority of people who use glass neon for commercial purposes do not know how important it is to calculate their electricity consumption. It will help you determine their operating expenses to see if these costs are within, below, or above your budget.

Glass neon signs will use more electricity than LED signage. To determine this, it is possible to calculate the watts of each neon tube. You can also influence this by changing the color of your light or the transformer.

You can also calculate the average cost of electricity per Kilowatt and the amount of time your lights will be on. Multiply your answer by the total Wattage consumed divided by the total number of hours.

Calculate the emergency lighting cost for lights that have to stay on 24 hours a day. Multiply your answer by the average cost of electricity per kilowatt. It should give an estimate of how much electricity you use.


LED neon signs can provide more information while using less electricity. It’s the reason most people are switching to LED neon signs and renouncing traditional neon lights.

According to statistics LED neon signs have a 90% higher energy efficiency than their counterparts. But there’s so much to be confused about.

Some users claim that LED lighting is more efficient than traditional neon. LED neon signs will consume less electricity if they are the same size and color as traditional glass neon lights.

One foot of LED lighting can be used for approximately 3.5 Kilowatts per annum if left on continuously for twelve hours each day. This is a significant reduction in the power required.

The energy consumption of LED neon signs will not change if the brightness is adjusted to match that of traditional signs. But it won’t be as drastic as if it was reduced to its default brightness.

If store owners desire more illumination and attraction, they may increase the brightness of their LED neon signs. However, this will help them save electricity.


The best lighting fixtures for neon LED signs offer both aesthetics and functionality. You can also use them for longer times, and they are simple to use.

The price of LED neon signs will vary based on the size. The cost of LED neon signs will vary depending on their size. Larger signs tend to be more expensive and the letter count increases.

Even though LED neon signs are still at their best they will consume less energy than fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent bulbs are suitable for commercial, domestic, and industrial uses. These bulbs came into being to save energy, and they had traditional bulbs that produced yellow light as their competitors. Because there were no viable options, these bulbs became a top choice for many users.

If you compare fluorescent fixtures with LED neon signs, then the neon ones use less energy. Some fluorescent lights also have high output. This means they consume more power than standard fluorescent lights.

For example, a foot’s worth of fluorescent lighting will consume 70 kilowatts over a year if it’s left on for 12 hours each day. There is a significant difference in the power consumption of LED neon signs and incandescent lamps.  Incandescent lamps will use about four times more electricity than neon signs.


You want to be able to use your neon signs with ease, efficiency, durability, and long-term energy savings.

There is a noticeable difference in energy consumption between LED signs, neon lights, and other types of signage.

LED lights are well-known because of their many benefits. They should be considered for all businesses and households. LED neon signs are extremely energy efficient over the long term, especially if power consumption is high.

If you are trying to save money on electricity, this is an important point. You can’t compare traditional glass neon to this, as the brightness, size, and length of the lighting will all affect how much you spend monthly.

LED neon signs can save more than 75% of energy. This makes them safe for the planet and your pocketbook.

In addition, durability is an issue. You wouldn’t buy a light fixture only to have it break the next day. However, we all want fixtures to last until we can upgrade them.

LEDs are known for being durable. They are very durable and flexible. These lights are easy to use and can be handled without worry. These lights are also not easily broken like glass neon lights.

The risk of damage or breakage is very low, especially for those with children and fragile handlers. Additionally, these can last 25 times longer than standard bulbs which can save you money on replacements. 


Did you know that old signage can be retrofitted with LED? It is possible to retrofit many traditional neon signage systems with LED systems that are more energy efficient. Retrofitting is a term that can be used with any type of illumination signage.

Old signage can be dangerous. It is unlikely that the signs can be retrofitted.

You might replace them with modern and professional LED signs to better portray your brand.

A new fixture will not only be more cost-effective, but it will also last longer and work better.

People initially used traditional neon signs outdoors for attracting customers to businesses. However, the evolution of LED neon lighting has made this a more common practice. There are now options for both indoor and outdoor use.

You have the option to place this wherever you wish, depending on your plan, budget, and theme. Modern outdoor designs are water-resistant and have an unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

LED neon signs can be used in places that don’t require gas, so they aren’t polluting the environment. There are no air contaminants, so there is no risk of them getting inhaled. The brightness can be controlled, which makes it more comfortable.

It was impossible under old neon lights. They are also not as hot to touch as their counterparts. They can still be touched after prolonged exposure. You should place them away from children because bright lights can attract them.

LED neon signs make great signage options for anyone who wants colorful signage. They use as little power as possible and maintain their glow. It’s the reason why so many people are switching to them over incandescent and fluorescent lights. 


If you are looking to save money in the present times, you must choose the right signage. It is important to control how many neon signs you use. When necessary, schedule their turning on/off. Select the best styles that reflect your brand, and personality and will enhance your space. LED Neon signs can also be a great gift option. Installing LED Neon signs in your area is a good idea. This will help to prevent damage and accidents.

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Are Neon LED Signs Safe for Your Eyes? Here’s What You Should Know

Neon signs are so striking and bright, you can’t help looking at them. It is always a bad idea to have too many positives. The sun, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting), or neon signs are all harmful to your eyes.
They are safe for the eyes and produce no blue light. They produce negligible amounts of blue light between 400-490nm (nanometers strong>).

The rest of this article will discuss topics related. These include which type of light is most harmful, which neon LED works best for our eyes, as well as the impact of LED on your eyes.

Which lights can harm our eyes?

According to a study “2000-3500 K and greater than 500 nm range of lights is safe.”

Blue light from the visible range can cause eye damage. The two main types of blue light are short-wave and longer-wave.

The short-wave light of 415 nm to 455nm may irritate. In a thorough study in 2018, Researchers found that short-wave light blue may cause dry eyes, disrupt the sleep cycle, and even lead to dry eyes.

Longer wavelengths of light, like 455-495 nm, do not cause any eye irritation. These longer-wavelength blue lights can be used to regulate the sleep cycle.

Warm white LED vs. cold white LED

Warm White LED is capable of producing around 3000 Kelvin Deg (3000K) of temperature. Warm white is closest to traditional incandescent bulbs (or your old, traditional light bulb). It produces a gentler light, which is ideal for most home settings.

The temperature color of cold white LED is between 5000-6000 Kelvin Degrees (5000-6000K) Use cold white LED in the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas.

To produce white light, most LED lamps nowadays use a blue led coated with a pigment. A wavelength of around 470nm LED does not contain UVA or UVB wavelengths that could be harmful.

How do our eyes perceive visible light

All parts of your eyes work together to help you see.

First, light passes by the cornea, the transparent front layer of our eyes. The cornea, which is shaped like a dome, bends light to help the eye focus.

A pupil is an opening that allows some light to enter the eye. The pupil allows light in through an opening called the iris. It is the colored portion of the eye.

Next, light is passed through the lens (a clear inner portion of the eye). The lens and the cornea work together to focus light on the retina.

A retina is a light-sensitive layer of tissue located behind the eye. The retina contains special cells known as photoreceptors. Photoreceptors can trigger electrical signals when they detect sunlight. The signals are sent from rods and cones via nerves that reach inside the brain.

These electrical signals travel from your retina through the optic neuro to the brain. The brain converts the signals to create the images you see.

Which neon light bulb color is best?

The new generation of light sources, neon LED sign, is well-known. Neon LED signs can be used for everything from office decorations to announcement signs to celebration signs. You can use neon LED lights to create almost any color in the visible spectrum.

Yellow color neon LED is the best color for your eyes. Yellow neon LEDs are longer in wavelength and therefore easier to see. It is easily observable.

It is best to not expose our eyes too much to any color. Dimmable neon LED lighting has several benefits. This feature allows you to adjust the intensity of the light so that your eyes are protected and the strain is reduced.

How do you protect your eyes from UV rays?

UV rays exist in every form of light, including the sun and our phones. You can take steps to reduce the effects of UV rays on your eyesight.

Take a break

Limiting exposure is the best way of limiting light exposure. You should take frequent breaks from the computer screen. You can also refer to the 20-20-20 principle.

For 20 minutes, you should take a break and look at something 20ft away for 20 seconds. This technique can help reduce eye strain. It is also a reminder to stay safe from UV light.

Look into computer glasses

If you spend a lot on your computer screens, invest in a pair. Computer glasses come with yellow-tinted lenses which block harmful ultraviolet rays.

You can also purchase glasses that are specific to your work distance. These glasses can relax the eyes and reduce eye strain.

Invest in no-glare lenses

It is a good idea to invest in no-glare contacts if you work at night. The effects of night-time on color recognition and peripheral vision as well as depth perception are all affected by the darkness.

Driving at night is safer and easier with the no-glare lenses. These lenses can help you see clearly and protect your eyes from distracting reflections. It can also relieve eye fatigue.


There are also options for medical treatment that may help to prevent damage to the eyesight. Experts recommend supplements containing vitamins C, and E, zinc, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Premixed vitamin E was 25% less likely for people to develop eye disease.

LED’s impact on your eyes

Researchers are now concerned by the long-term effects of exposure to LED lights. AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) is the leading cause of blindness in the west.

However, a study showed that LED does not pose a risk to the health of healthy individuals. The sleep cycle can be disrupted if you are exposed to too much light at night or late in the evening.

However, the study noted that LED emissions might be a concern for children and vulnerable people.

According to the study, children have a higher sensitivity to blue light. Exposure to light that is rich blue light could cause discomfort in the elderly.

Previous research has shown that prolonged exposure to bright sunlight may cause eye problems. They identified blue light as the source of the problem.


If you have eyesight concerns due to LED lights, here are some key points:

  • Make sure to pay attention to the wavelength of any LED devices. Limit UV radiation exposure as it can cause eye damage. If you have to use screens, consider using filters.
  • Choose warm white LED or yellow-like lighting that does not strain eyesight.
  • Although LED doesn’t have any harmful effects on our eyesight it can cause some issues if we are exposed to too much.

UV rays have the greatest impact on our eyesight. It is best to avoid these rays.

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Enhancing Your Salon’s Ambience with Neon Signage

Salons can be a great place to relax and also prepare for the week ahead by getting an energizing treatment. For salons to create a relaxing environment while standing out in the street you will need to use neon signs. You can use this guide to inspire you and enhance your decor with a neon touch.

Style with LED

It can be difficult to find the right interior design for your beauty salon. You will have to be careful about heat and noise if you want to create a relaxing environment for your customers.

Because of their long-term heat emission and distinctive buzzing sound, neon signs only increase the problem. You should use LED neon signs only in your salon. These signs are lightweight and brighter than other signs.

Inspire With Neon

Customers often visit salons to feel beautiful, refreshed, and energized after a long week. You can make your beauty salon a place where clients feel inspired after each visit by clever interior design.

quote can be hung in a visible place such as above the reception area. If in doubt, this sign is the best way to keep your salon wholesome.

Tap into Your Inner Beauty

It’s all about what you put inside that makes you beautiful. You don’t need to spend big on neon signs for salons. Instead, you can look for smaller signs that will be eye-catching and affordable. Your decor can still be stylish and subtle, so it’s easy for people to notice your choice of neon.

You have a lot of options. Add a window display and you can highlight your latest looks and products. This will draw attention to your windows and make them more inviting to people to come in. You can also make it subtle with a salute neon sign, to create an inviting salon environment.

You can personalize your signs

If they stick to the tried-and-tested designs, businesses can come off as boring or uninspiring. custom-designed LED neon signs can be used to decorate your beauty salon’s interior.

It’s easy to make a customized neon sign. The benefits are definitely worthwhile. Turning your logo into a custom LED storefront sign is a great place to begin. You can also go crazy and make a fashion-forward hairstyle pop by using neon.

Radikal Neon(r), Enhance Your Salon

You can make your salon stand out by creating a custom neon sign to promote your services.

Salons and neon signs go hand–in–hand. However, it can be hard to find the right sign that will suit your needs. Radikal neon(r) is a trusted partner that can help you personalize your neon sign. Radikal neon(r) has been a trusted partner for thousands of businesses, helping them to stand out with their high-quality and stylish designs. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us now.

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Neon Lights: A Fascinating Phenomenon of Physics and Art

custom neon signs have become the most popular choice for decorating your bedroom. They’re bright and striking and can completely change the mood of your surroundings and make them more lively. The retro-modern appearance of neon signs is utilized in offices.

A few neon lighting to your decor at home will give a fresh look to your decor and make it appear brighter. Of course, you could make a fake custom neon sign and can make use of a variety of DIY tutorials. Have you ever thought about how natural neon lights work? They’re so colorful and vibrant! What is the secret to creating stunning hues? Let’s take a look.

What is neon light?

What do you mean by neon lighting? Neon lighting is the use of electrified glass tubes or bulbs which emit a brilliant glow. Rarefied neon gas is contained in the glass tubes and bulbs. What exactly is rarefied gas? It means that the gas is condensed to a pressure less than atmospheric pressure. This permits the gas to be contained in small tubes or bulbs. The neon light is a type of cold cathode gas discharge light.

Each end of the tube contains gas and is sealed with cathodes of metal. The cathode strips generate electricity that ions the gas contained within the tube. The electrons of these ions are then able to move toward the lamp’s terminals and thus complete the electric circuit. If the ions of neon have enough charge and gain enough energy to be excited and produce light, they emit it.

This depends on the movement of particles in different energy states. When an atom moves from one level of energy to another, it releases energy. Thus when the ionized molecules of the neon gas present inside the bulb jump from a higher energy level to a lower one, it emits an electron (i.e. the light) and the bulb starts to light up. The gas in the bulb will determine the color of the photon.

Let’s look at it and try to understand it more clearly.

Why is neon employed in these devices? What’s the mechanism behind it?

They are also known as neon lights. The reason is that the noble gas called ‘neon’ naturally emits an orange light when it goes through this process. The other colors must be made using different gases and chemicals. This is how the name came to be. We’ll now take a look at the specifics.

Maybe you’re wondering why neon is used specifically to serve this particular purpose. Why is neon used instead of other gases, such as oxygen or nitrogen? Because it is one of the noble gas, neon is used. Noble gases possess the distinct property that each electron in atoms is filled. So, they are non-reactive in the natural world. To remove an electron from a shell, it is required to provide large quantities of energy to atoms to excite them to move. Custom neon signs or neon lamps use either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) however, when they are using direct current, the light only glows around one electrode. This is why neon lights utilize alternating currents to emit light.

The tube inside which the gas is present is equipped with electrodes at both ends of the tube. When electricity is applied to these cathode terminals (an electric voltage of around 15,000 volts must be used) the amount of energy needed to detach the outer electron from the electron shells of neon atoms is given. If the voltage supplied does not suffice, the necessary kinetic energy to allow the electrons to leave the cathode terminals will be enough to make the process possible.

If enough kinetic energy is available, the positively charged atoms will shift toward the negative end. The free electrons (that is positively charged ones) are attracted toward the positive side. The positively or negatively charged particles form the fourth state of matter known as plasma. They complete the electric circuit.

What’s the best way to produce light?

This means that we know the complete mechanism by which neon tubes are charged and generates energy. The light source is where? The tube’s atoms move when they’re excited by gaining energy and then hitting one another. Also, they exchange energy continuously.

They’re, therefore, at a higher energy state. But, this isn’t the normal configuration of the atoms. They attempt to release their energy to return to their ground state. They first have to let go of their energy. Once they have done that, the energy is released as a photon (light) and that is how light is produced by these tubes. The color, as we have previously discussed, is based on the chemical nature of the gas.

It also depends on the level of energy at which the atom released the energy. There are many levels of energy at which an atom can exist. The color of photon particles that are released will differ according to the energy level at which the atom is at. to return to its state of origin.

Simply put, every excited electron emits a wavelength of the photon. The color of every excited electron’s light changes. Each noble gas has its distinctive color. For instance, neon emits an orange-red light, while helium gas has a pink glow.


custom neon sign can be created in various shapes and shades. They are mostly used for signs or as walls in bars and restaurants. The latest designs of customized neon signs are being used often in offices to increase the ambiance of their workspaces and create a high-spirited and lively atmosphere.

Neon lights are somewhat like fluorescent lights well. Even though fluorescent lighting was created about 25 years later than neon lighting, it’s still utilized to create brilliant white light. Neon lights are also utilized in neon glow lamps as well as plasma displays. In recent years, neon lights have become a popular art form in Europe and the USA.

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How to Create Different Colors with Neon Signs: A Guide to Choosing the Right Gas and Glass for Your Desired Effect

It is possible to wonder where the color of a custom neon sign you have in mind is if your company or home has one. Some lights can retain their color after being turned off. Others, however, appear clear. What makes these lights so vibrant and brilliant if they are made of plain, transparent glass?

If you think neon signs are made solely of neon gas, then you are wildly mistaken. You should read this article to find out more about the workings behind neon signs. For neon signs to shine as brightly, it requires a skilled combination of gases. The art of creating a custom neon sign takes a lot of work.

Manufacturers create neon signs by filling a strong glass tube with different gases. The various colors you see in custom fluorescent signs can be made by either mixing different gases with neon or filling a glass tube with another noble gas. In addition to this, the sign’s color depends on the gas used and the type of inert gas used in its manufacturing.

These are the gases that can be found in a neon sign.

It was quite obvious. neon signs take their name from the staple gasoline used in their production. It would have been an offense to not list it at the top. Neon is in the air we breathe even though you may not be a geek. Yes, it exists alongside atmospheric oxygen but in very small amounts.

Pure neon is now easy to find as it only takes a little to fill a tube. Pure neon produces a bright red glow at normal levels. If you start to fill the tube with more gas, the sign will turn paler red or even pink.

For business owners, you will find this information a joy. Pure neon signage is more energy efficient than other light sources and uses less electricity.

  1. Mercury Vapor

Manufacturers might consider mercury vapor if they want to create a cool, base color. Mercury Vapor emits a subtle, bluish glow. You will notice a gentle blue hue appearing just before the tube light is turned on. This is mercury vapor at work.

Based on the client’s preference, neon, and mercury vapor can be combined or used separately in signage. Mercury vapor is used by many manufacturers to produce cool colors such as green or purple.

  1. Argon

Argon is your best choice if you are looking for a brighter and stronger blue color. Sometimes, the manufacturer can paint the inside of the glass tube with ultraviolet-sensitive phosphorus to create the illusion of different colors. If mercury in the tube gets in contact with phosphorus it emits ultraviolet light which makes the fluorescent phosphorus sparkle brightly. Neon signage that has neon colors of effervescent blues, greens, yellows, or whites is most likely made from argon.

  1. Helium

If the sign is to be placed in a colder climate, the manufacturer will likely add helium to the tube. This will allow the sign to heal more quickly. Pure helium produces a pinkish-red glow. To create a soothing color for the eyes, helium is often mixed in with mercury and argon. This is why helium is among the most difficult gases to obtain. The vast majority of industrial-grade helium comes from radioactive decay.

  1. Xenon

The gas behind the classic lavender glow, xenon, is it? If xenon is combined with other noble gases, it can reflect a wide range of colors. Manufacturers use xenon most often in strobe light and photography. However, it is also used in signage that has pure neon.

  1. Krypton

Krypton emits low levels of whitish-yellow glow. This gas can be used for producing different colors. Krypton is added to neon signs to produce different colors. Neon sign makers rely on the color of the glass to reflect the perceived color. Krypton can be used in safety lighting and airport runway lights, as well as neon signs.

Every neon sign represents a complicated chemical reaction that creates vibrant colors. However, it is not possible to call all neon signs made from “neon.” Take a look at your current neon sign and other neon signs around you to find out which gas was involved in its creation.

You can also ask your provider to tell you about the gases available to alter the color and appearance of the neon signs you already have.


Custom neon signs are becoming increasingly popular. These signs are often found in quirky restaurants, as well as at offices that try to convey a “chill” vibe. The neon signs are being used in home decor as well, with people adding personalized quotes to their rooms using brightly lit neon colors. These vibrant signs have attracted a wide customer base.

The neon color represents the most hip culture so their signage is a popular choice in cafes, restaurants, and other establishments. The process of creating a neon sign takes more than is obvious. It’s an art that requires meticulous curation of gases to achieve the perfect color the client desires.

pure, neon signs are also energy-efficient. It is possible to keep your neon sign lit all night without worrying about running out of electricity. Get a custom neon sign to transform your business and attract new customers.

What are you waiting to do? Get yours today, and you’ll be part of the latest trend.

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Brighten Up Someone’s Christmas with These 5 Affordable Neon Sign Gift Ideas

You have arrived at the right location if you are organizing your Christmas gift shopping list. Online shopping has made Christmas shopping much easier. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that you can order online. They are durable, affordable, and easy to order. This list will not bore you with cliche gifts such as stockings, chocolates, and sweaters. These attractive Christmas gift ideas are sure to make everyone’s holiday memorable. We’ve listed five outstanding gift options that they would love under the tree. These include personalized gifts and classic Christmas-themed gifts.

I have done all of the legwork for you and selected the top Christmas gifts for 2022. Enjoy the Christmas season and let me know that you are taken care of.

The best thing is that the perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can impress your giftee with these wonderful purchases, which are typically within your budget of around $200. You have the option to spend the money you save on these gifts or to donate it to a good cause. Remember, this is the holiday season for giving. We offer incredible discounts on Create Neon products.

While it’s comforting knowing that Create Neon delivers within two weeks (Create Neon truly is a Christmas miracle), we advise you to start your gift-buying early because shipping delays can often occur, especially during holidays. You don’t want to pay more for a rush shipment.

Personalized Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift of personalized jewelry for your spouse is a classic idea. Personalized gifts can be personalized with small messages that express love. They are most attracted to presents that have the most important dates printed on them. It shows her that you put more thought into customizing a gift. You don’t have to give her a personal wearable today. As a husband/boyfriend, she has likely had several. Make her smile this Christmas by gifting her a personalized, custom neon sign. This interactive, personalized neon sign with text is unique and interactive. Click on a special day, such as her birthday, anniversary, or date of a significant milestone, and Create Neon will make it glow & shine in her bedroom. This personalized neon sign looks great in your home and can be used for Christmas celebrations, or simply to brighten up your space every day. Personal data and messages are what make it even more special.

For a tangible reminder of those special moments, choose a birthday or anniversary and design your neon sign. It takes only a few steps!

Classic Christmas sign

Sometimes, a classic Christmas tree neon sign gift might be the way to go. This neon Christmas decor item features a combination between a traditional design and modern LED light. It will brighten up the giftees’ homes for this special occasion. You can help your loved ones get rid of neon string lights and decorate their homes this Christmas with more energy-efficient neon light signs. This neon sign offers a timeless, elegant design. However, it is trendy and stylish. Share your design of a tree. You can also request different sizes.

Snowflake Neon-Sign with calming colors

A snowflake indicates the beginning of winter. This season is also known for its joy and happiness. This sign symbolizes hope and happiness. They will find peace in the calming colors of this neon sign for sale. This stunning sleep aid light will bring sweet dreams to your giftee. You have the option to choose from 10+ tranquil neon colors for this Snowflake neon sign.

Santa Clause is the best Christmas gift idea for kids and those who are children at heart

Two merry blue eyes and a tiny nose. This personality is beloved by all children. Give your children a smiling Santa neon sign if you want to bring a smile to their faces. Having this beautiful sign will undoubtedly make wonderful decor, thanks to its environment-friendly, energy-efficient light source. Thanks to the use of Christmas colors, this sign will project a cheerful atmosphere. This makes a wonderful gift that you can give to your colleagues. It can be placed in any room: the living area, garden, lounge, or office. Everyone will smile beautifully when they see the Santa Neon Stick.

Customized Neon Light Sign for Your Boss

Below are some options for Christmas gifts that I have included. You can also choose to create your own Christmas neon sign.

You can send them a Happy Holiday Wish with a neon sign. It will display your company’s logo in your preferred font and color. We will also make a neon sign for your company with your logo. I guarantee your boss will love it. You can share your logo/image/logo with me and we will make it into a glowing custom photo neon sign.

I hope this has given you many ideas to fill your Merry Christmas gift box with gifts for loved ones. We have gift vouchers for you because we love each of you. Go to our website and use the coupon code to place your order for your favorite neon sign. We will send you Christmas gift bags with a free remote controller, remote controller, wall mounting, and hanging kit.

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Sorting Fact from Fiction: Evaluating the Legitimacy of Custom Neon-LED Signs

An LED or custom neon sign, which is safe and high-quality, can be a great way to advertise your business, no matter what industry it may be. A custom sign is a great way to market products and showcase your brand’s personality. It can also add color and flair to your storefront and interior decor.

Many LED and neon signs look different. There is a wide selection of quality and price between different sign companies.

Keep in mind the following two elements when creating a sign.

  1. It must be visible from all directions, not just at night but also during daylight hours. The majority of businesses’ hours are during daylight hours so it’s vital to take advantage.
  2. It should not be removed within a few months. It should last at least one year.

Although the sticker price for a high-quality sign may seem daunting, it can also be a great investment. Customers tell us that the SpellBrite sign they purchased paid for themselves in as little as a few weeks or days. You will also see a higher return on investment if you have a quality sign that is durable and can be seen by customers all day long. A sign that lasts ten years or more will be more effective than a sign that breaks doesn’t work as well as it should or looks cheap, which can reflect poorly on your business. It’s not worth spending hundreds of money on a poor-quality business sign.

How to spot quality signs

There are many sign companies and retailers that claim to sell the best signs. However, it can be confusing to identify which companies offer high-quality products that last. A lot of signs on the market aren’t tested or certified for quality. If you don’t choose a high-quality sign, you risk wasting your money. This is especially true if you deal with sellers on third-party sites like Amazon and Etsy. Signs are powered by electricity. This makes it more than just a concern about how long signs last. It can also be a safety issue that could pose danger to you and your customers.

A guideline for buying a custom neon sign or LED neon sign is to make sure you know the basics. Below is a detailed overview of how to evaluate and verify the quality of a sign. This will allow you to get the best deal possible. These tips and tricks can help you create a lasting sign that will increase sales and attract new customers.

Avoid These Signs If You Want Bright Signs

Edge-lit signs will not work if brightness is a priority for you. This is the case for many business owners. Edge-lit signs, which are etched on glass or acrylic with a message or image, are just as their name suggests. An LED light source, which is often placed on the glass or acrylic, lights up the etching. This type of sign is beautiful visually and can be used for interior purposes, especially in low-light areas. This aesthetic value comes with a price: even high-quality edge-lit signs can’t project much sunlight. Edge-lit signs were not intended to be displayed in a window, shouting out information to customers. An edge-lit sign is not the best choice if you want a bright sign.

Product certifications, quality & safety

The quality of a sign depends on its technical design, how it is made, and what components are used. A poor quality sign can be a result of taking shortcuts in any one of these areas. To illustrate, a manufacturer may use lower-quality LEDs to reduce costs, but “overdrive” them electronically to make the LEDs extremely bright. Overdriving LEDs drastically reduces their lifetime. Your sign may appear great when it turns on but LEDs will quickly dim and the light will fade, so your sign will be less appealing to anyone.

Companies that produce quality, long-lasting signs will invest in having them certified. They are usually certified under the UL Certification in the United States and CE Certification in Europe. Obtaining UL or other certifications isn’t difficult for a well-made product. Although a UL rating does NOT guarantee high quality, it should be considered a red flag.

These certifications do more than just show a sign’s safety. Safety ratings allow for the regulation of what neon and LED neon signs can be sold on the marketplace. The information will be published on a company’s website if they have fulfilled or exceeded the certification requirements. If these ratings are not visible, you can always inquire directly with the seller. If they are genuine, they should be able to respond.

What is a UL-Rating?

Notice a tiny circle with the word “UL” in it?

This means that UL, also known as the Underwriters Laboratories, has evaluated the product. These non-profit testing labs dedicated to consistently and accurately testing product quality, have found the product to meet or exceed their requirements. The UL rating applies in the United States. This mark signifies that the product has passed safety and function testing by a trusted source.

It is important to understand that UL, as an individual company, has no control over whether a product is approved or denied. Only governmental organizations like the FDA have the legal ability to prohibit production based only on their research. However, even these agencies may use UL’s testing as part of their assessments.

Many individual certifications fall within the “UL” umbrella. If you want to check for safety regulations on your sign it must be UL listed. UL-listed products will carry a UL Label (see above). To get a UL label, the Underwriter’s Laboratory has to test the product to verify that it meets or exceeds nationally recognized safety standards. A UL listing not only confirms these things but also that the sign is safe from a ” reasonably foreseeable” danger of fire.

UL Rating should apply to the power supply and product.

The absence of a UL rating does not necessarily mean that the sign in question has been deemed unsafe. Some companies might use different certifications to achieve the same objective, such as the CE certification. UL certifications are the most widely used for lighting fixtures (including LED and neon signs, and fixtures), but an ETL label (Electrical Testing Labs), is another nationally recognized mark that ensures safety and quality. Another is CSA (Canadian Standards Association), also recognized in America and abroad.

A UL label does NOT mean that the sign will be completely safe. Companies sometimes alter which parts of their sign are UL listed. Multiple electrical components are common on signs. Each must be independently certified by UL to list the entire sign system.

Is your entire signage UL rated

Companies will sometimes vaguely declare “UL Rated” even though only the power supply, and not the sign, are UL-listed. Always check that the sign is UL listed, and not just the adapter or power cable. Our products include both the sign and power cord.

You can easily search the UL database for the company name to see if the sign is UL rated. This database lists every manufactured product that’s UL certified. This allows you to quickly check sign companies’ claims, as well as ensure your sign is safe. The UL database lists which items are UL certified by each company. If only the sign is listed but not the power supply, then it means that only the sign is listed.

What is a CE Rating?

On your neon or LED sign, you may see a “CE” label if you look closely. There are two possible meanings of this label, and you must know which one applies before purchasing.

How can you tell which “CE” marks are different? See the distance between C & E in the image above.

The “CE”, or Conformity Europeanenne rating, is located on the left. It is approximately the European equivalent of a UL Rating. You can spot this mark! The product in question meets all EU health, safety, environmental protection, and other requirements. This certification is required for certain products sold in Europe. A CE rating does NOT automatically mean a product is of high quality, but it does signify that the product was tested and verified safe by a trusted source.

But there’s a second “CE” type that looks identical but is not a quality standard. The “CE”, which stands for China Export, is used by Chinese manufacturers arbitrarily to indicate the item’s country of origin. As shown above, both “CE” logos look identical and can easily be confused.

Signs and other products that carry the CE “China Export” label may be of high quality and can pass other regulatory certifications. But the label is not subject to quality inspection or safety testing. Therefore, it cannot be taken as a guarantee that the product is in good condition.

Unsure if a company can be certified CE? Ask them! They can also provide proof through a Certificate of Compliance if they have the CE Certification “Conformite Europeanenne”.

Is it safe to use the Neon-LED Sign?

It doesn’t matter if this is true or not, most sign companies will say that their signs have safety features. This is an important selling point. Businesses value a safe sign as much as a visible one. Therefore, it makes sense that you include it.

However, the UL and related groups are those who determine and verify sign safety through certifications. Even though a sign company may claim that its sign has safety features, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

You should not assume that a sign is safe unless you can see proof of safety such as safety ratings like the one above.

What is an IP Rating and how does it work? Or, How can you tell if a sign’s waterproofness?

It can be a great way to attract customers and drive traffic outside. But finding neon or LED signs that are waterproof can prove difficult. Ingress Protection ratings (IP) are important to look for when you’re searching for outdoor signs. IP ratings can be used to confirm the waterproofing capabilities of electronic items, such as lights.

IP numbers tell how effective a product is in keeping other things out. These quality ratings are calculated based on testing done at the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Each digit is a single-digit number. The first digit represents protection against solids (pollen or dust) and is limited to a maximum number of 6. The second digit refers to protection against liquids. It can reach a maximum of 8.

Most common IP ratings for waterproof applications:

HTML65 – Signs with this rating have been tested by a waterjet like a Hose and have waterproofing protection for up to 3 minutes.

HTML66 Signs with this rating are capable of repelling water from a powerful jet stream for three minutes.

HTML67 Signs with this rating may be submerged for up 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter.

IP68 This rating is the highest on the IP protection scale. These products are fully protected from solid particles. They can be submerged up to one meter in water for up 30 minutes. Apple states that the iPhone 13 with an IP-68 rating is IP-68 compliant and can be submerged at depths up to 6 meters for 30 minutes.

Sometimes, multiple IP ratings may be displayed on a product. This simply means that the sign protects against particles in multiple ways. You can see products with an IP 65 or IP 68 rating. This means that the product is resistant to submersion or water jets.

Signage can be waterproof, but not weatherproof. Signs may not perform well in extreme weather conditions like the hot, humid Florida winter or the freezing Minnesota snowstorms. It is important to confirm with sign companies that outdoor neon and LED signs are safe.

Is it right to pay the price?

Everyone loves to save a little money. Low prices are a warning sign in the lighting and signage industry. While it doesn’t automatically indicate that a sign isn’t worth your money or that it’s defective, it does warn you to be cautious.

An LED sign with high-quality will cost you between $150-200. The price can rise to $1000 depending upon the size and type. Neon signs will cost slightly more upfront (closer than $300-400 for a standard sign) and can reach $4000 or higher for custom signs. Sign companies might offer sales on some high-quality items. They may also be able to provide stock items at a lower price, particularly if they’re trying to get rid of inventory.

Is the price misleading

A few sign companies are also able to be misleading with their pricing, especially when selling on third-party platforms like Etsy. Search for “custom neon signs” and you will see many sellers offering custom neon or led-neon signs starting from $20 each. If you look closely, however, you will see that these cheap signs only measure 10cm. You should always read the fine print. Sometimes, low prices hide additional costs and upcharges. Many sellers will use low costs to pay “down” on more expensive signs and add hidden fees at check out.

A low-cost, 10cm sign might be what you’re looking for but won’t work for most business uses.

If you come across a company that sells “high quality” signs for less than $50, you can be skeptical. Many of these solutions won’t have safety certificates, won’t work well, or won’t last very long.

A Return Policy is a Good Idea

The return policy is one indicator that a company makes high-quality signs. If you don’t like the sign or it isn’t up to your standards, you can return it for a full refund. This is particularly important, as customers frequently see their sign the first time they buy it.

Some companies accept returns. Many companies accept returns on stock signs. Custom signs will not be accepted. Other companies won’t accept returns for stock signs and will only repair or replace damaged signage from shipping. Some companies may not provide details about their return policy. If the company you are dealing with is legitimate, it should be easy to locate their return policies (or lack thereof). On our website, you will find our 30-day returns policy.

What is the warranty?

The warranty must be displayed on the company website. Many manufacturers don’t make any mention of their warranty. Others may offer a one-year warranty that depends on the specific issue. Some longer warranties sound fantastic, but be sure to read the fine print. Before purchasing, ensure you review the details of the warranty to see how long it is. SpellBrite’s policies are available. They offer an automatic 1-year warranty and a 3-year extended warranty. You can quickly find them.

Watch out for potential scams

The best ways to spot scams and identify whether a neon sign or LED company is going offer you a long-lasting, high-quality product are helpful. We will discuss what you should look out for when buying custom signage from a seller you are unsure about.

Information about the Company

How long have they been in business? A company that has been around for decades like ours should have plenty of information available online. Many companies that are just starting won’t state how long their company has been in existence. This makes it hard to know if their signs have high-quality materials or how long they will stay in business.

Is the company an Better Business Bureau(BBB) accredited business? The BBB does not require all companies to register, but they will often keep records about any issues that may have occurred. This will help you confirm that the business is legitimate.

Does the company have a website? Websites can often help you identify if a company is legitimate or fraudulent. Even though not all legitimate companies have websites to assist customers, one website can provide some relief.

If the company already has a website

  • Is there a company phone number? If the company has a phone number, call it. Does anyone pick up the line or call you back?
  • Can you find the privacy policies on the site’s website? Many websites run by scammers overlook this crucial piece of a functional site.
  • In what manner does the company accept payments? While credit cards are generally safer and easier to receive a refund in the case of fraudulent activity, some companies will require payment by check or envelope.
  • What about their website design? Is there any section that is poorly designed, or does it contain serious programming errors? Small businesses and legitimate businesses may have poor websites. Most legitimate e-commerce companies will invest money in a website that accurately portrays their brand, products, and services.

Social Media

Are they on social media? All businesses need a digital presence, regardless of whether they are operating physical stores or restaurants, or signage companies. It is difficult to judge if a business has legitimacy and high quality solely by its social media. However, social media does provide great insight into a business’s values.

This is a red alert if the company has no website or social networks. A small business selling crocheted stuffed animal on Etsy is an exception to this rule. You can expect to find a website and social networks if the company is established.

Responsive to negative feedback

If the company uses social media, you can easily browse its posts and often learn more about them. Do you see negative feedback? Has the company responded helpfully? Is the company responsive and open to customers’ concerns? If you have suspicions that the company might not be legit, do not click on their bio link. Instead, you can open a new tab and Google company name to find out what results are available.

Search Appearance at Third-Party Vendors

Although e-commerce platforms try to ensure products are accurately rated and companies aren’t charging for reviews, many customers and companies slip through the cracks. We are going to be taking a closer look at Amazon, an e-commerce giant.

You should also note that Amazon’s majority of sellers are selling directly to Chinese sellers. It is difficult to get safety certifications or ratings. These sellers can protect their interests in the United States by creating ” brand names. This is done by adding several numbers to create a unique “brand name” for each company. If you see JHTKLWOII in a company’s name on Amazon, it is likely from China. This means that the product doesn’t meet the same safety standards, or has to comply with the same government requirements as products sold in the United States. To confirm where a company’s headquarters is, use the following steps to search for their website and social media. You may also contact their customer support line.

Amazon Search for Placement

Amazon reviews can also be extremely informative. Amazon has taken steps to curb negative reviews but there are still companies that buy positive reviews. Negative reviews can be purchased by companies for their benefit, which may compromise the legitimacy of negative reviews. Do these “high quality” signs have legitimate reviews? Do they include pictures? Are they all positive or negative?

It is often the 4 and 5-star reviews that are most helpful. They are the most likely to reflect true and accurate reviews written by paid customers. It is very unlikely that all the reviews written by a seller with more than 500 reviews and a 4.98 rating are authentic. Customers with middle-range ratings tend to have more balanced feedback that will give you a better understanding of the company’s weaknesses. Does the company have great products but poor customer service? False advertising of shipping times These reviews with 3-4 stars will let you know.

Reviews from other third parties

It is possible to use third-party reviews to help you determine if a company exists. While both the company being investigated and its competitors could manipulate these reviews, common sense allows you to see between the lines.

You can search the Internet for “[company] fraud” or “is it legit?” Then, look for their ratings on sites such as ScamRisk.

Sitejabber Trustpilot, Sitejabber Google Reviews Yelp, and Facebook Reviews will show them if they don’t. Even though these reviews are brief, many of them go into greater detail. The reviews of previous customers can provide valuable insight into the company and help you decide if the product will be a good fit for you. Particularly, it is a good sign that returning customers have left multiple reviews.


A bright sign can increase your company’s sales. You can increase your business’ sales for many years by having a quality bright sign. It will also give you security and peace of heart. These suggestions were valuable to us. The above strategies may not prove a sign bright, durable, or high-quality. You can still determine if the sign that you’re interested in is the right one by combining all the above strategies – including looking for safety and quality certifications on the product, looking for return and warranty policies, evaluating content on social media and websites, and researching third-party review sites.

We would be ( www.SpellBrite.com), delighted to provide you with a high-quality, custom sign. We have decades’ of experience in lighting and signage, and we would be pleased to schedule a free consultation. Send us an email at info@spellbrite.com. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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The Art of Neon: Creative Tips for Shooting Eye-Catching Neon Images

While neon lighting and custom neon signs are popular, however, it’s only just recently that neon hues are being employed in photography. The neon aesthetic is a popular choice because of the adoration for bright colors that are being used on the internet. The neon-colored signs have a retro look everywhere you go.

As a photographer aspiring to be there is a chance to be confronted with a problem when attempting to explore a new medium in the field. Neon themes in particular require plenty of expertise. It is difficult to capture low light with an epicenter that is exposed. If you’re at the heart of this mess Here are some strategies that can help you the next time you shoot photographs in neon.

Part 1: Tips for creating creative neon pictures

Neon photos are known for their vibrant colors, which fill the canvas and draw the eye. Here are some guidelines to guide you through the process of neon photography.

1. Adjust the Aperture

Neon photos are typically taken in low light. This means you must get as much light as you can. This is where the aperture comes in handy. A large aperture can make it possible to create distinctive images even in low-light conditions, like with neon photography.

The reduction in your focal length could, however, result in blurred pictures. It’s a great idea to not worry about this as it is exactly the thing you require when working with neon light. It is possible to use f/2.8 if you want the background to blur entirely, or you can use around f/4 for a slightly discrete background.

2. Increase the ISO

You will need to adjust your ISO settings to shoot dark pictures. Most often, photos of neon are taken with higher ISO values. This allows your camera to gather more light and brighten up the photo. To determine the right value for your needs it is possible to experiment using different ISO settings.

The ISO setting can result in noise increasing in your image. But, it’s not something you need to be concerned about. The adjustment of the exposure can remove noise. If this doesn’t work, you can remove it manually, which doesn’t take less than a few minutes. Using a larger ISO will allow you to enhance your image.

3. RAW is a Friend

RAW format is the preferred option for neon photos. This allows you to create high-quality images using less space and editing is significantly easier. RAW formats always come in useful when the quality of images is to be retained.

4. Change Focus to Manual

The lack of light levels can cause your camera to struggle to identify the proper subject. Focusing can be a real nuisance when shooting neon pictures and, often you’ll be focusing on the wrong subject. To avoid that, give up autofocus and change to manual focus. This way, you can handle what stays in focus and what goes out of focus.

5. Have fun playing with the temperature

The custom neon sign is fun to play with until your picture is overwhelmed by a single color. If this happens, and it is often the case, you can adjust the temperature and the white balance of your device to tone down the colors.

If your image is dominated by a red neon motif, you can lower the temperature to create a cooler tone. Keep in mind that neon style is all bright and vibrant and therefore, you should avoid using too many neutral tones.

6. Try a variety of Angels

This technique will prove useful even when you’re no longer taking neon photos. Remember to keep changing your perspectives and see things from a different perspective. Explore and develop a unique aesthetic that can catch the viewer’s attention.

7. Include Subjects

If you are using a neon background in your images, it could seem boring. Try adding a subject to your pictures and see what happens. Introduce models to brighten your neon-themed photos. Try to divert the focus of the viewer to your focus and then bring out all the neon hues and energy around it. This will make your image stand out.

8. Avoid Blurs

A blurred photo taken in dim light won’t tick off as impactful or attractive. It is possible to blur the background, but blur the subject to give a passive feel when taking photographs in neon. Be careful not to blur your photos.

To enhance your image it is possible to manually focus on the subject and then increase the ISO. To reduce blurring, it is recommended to utilize a sharp lens, such as a 50mm F/1.4. You can get the perfect photo by using timers, or by using a tripod to help stabilize your camera.

9. Reflections are useful

A great tip for taking photos of neon is to make use of any reflective surface you can find. Consider adding glasses if have a model in your photo to reflect off the glowing neon light. Also, windows can be used for reflection or even the reflective surfaces on your phones to let the light shine as much as you want to.

Accept rainy days. Use the water puddles to reflect off the sun and enhance your appearance. You can also carry an empty water bottle to create your puddles at any time you want to.

10. Be on the lookout for Shadows

Shadows are often the key to making or break for your photos. When you shoot neon images, it is important to be aware of shadows. Flashguns are often employed by photographers to bring some lighting to their images. You can also use colored gels to create a neon effect in your photographs. It is possible to rid of shadows that are way too wide in your photos. They can cause the entire photo to appear like it’s not worth the effort.

Part 2: Concepts for creating Neon Light-Style Videos

Moving away from photos, if you are seeking to incorporate neon themes or neon light styles in your videos We’ve got you covered. Wondershare Filmstock is a great stock tool and resource tool that contains numerous video templates to satisfy your different needs.

Watch the video about how to use ‘Busy Busy Pack’ to create neon-style videos.

Below are some of the video template packs offered by Filmstock that are neon-themed.

1. Neon Zone Pack

The Neon Zone Pack offered by Filmstock is the best package to make neon-inspired videos. It comes with 25 elements that could be included in videos that focus on various themes, be it dancing, partying, or anything that has a neon background.

2. Busy-Busy Pack

The Busy-Busy Pack, the ultimate video template set is made to be used for evening walks around the city. The bright themes allow it to be used as a neon theme to be utilized in dim lighting. The template includes 7 titles, 26 elements, 3 overlays, and 1 transition. It’s the perfect fit for your neon aesthetics.

3. Dance Pack Volume 1

This video template is filled with hilarious neon signs designed to help track movement. The Dance Pack Vol. allows you to incorporate the neon effect into your dancing videos. 1 by Filmstock that includes 45 elements and 6 titles that allow two overlays and transitions. This is a great option to add some spice to your dance and motion videos.

4. Neon Elements Pack

The Neon Elements Pack is the ideal way to include colorful elements in your neon wallpaper. The pack includes 25 distinct elements, which can be utilized to give you several neon-themed elements at once. The icons are upbeat and vibrant, which adds the splash of color to the video that you’re looking for.


It isn’t easy to shoot in a new medium. Be consistent when you are taking on something completely new. Regular practice will improve your abilities and allow you to grow into a professional in a short time.

To make perfect neon images enhance your photography capabilities. Try these techniques at home, and experience the amazing effects they create. Don’t forget to head over to Filmstock to check out some of the best video effects to get those neon aesthetic images. To add these amazing neon effects to your videos you can download Filmora’s video editor.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  • How can you create neon lights using images?

It is easy to include neon glows and lights in your pictures using some basic editing tools available in Photoshop or other applications. Neon light bulbs are an intriguing medium that adds pops of color to your photographs.

  • How can I edit neon signs in my photo?

To edit neon signs in photos, simply open the photo in editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, then adjust the various aspects of your image including the lighting and aperture depending on your requirements. In most cases, you’ll need to alter the contrast or temperature of the image. You can adjust the temperature and contrast of your image by moving around until you reach the desired result.