Bright Ideas: Discovering the Perfect Spot for Your LED Neon Sign

Where to put your neon sign up is as important as the decision to get the neon sign. You won’t get the most from the neon sign you purchase if you don’t plan where you will hang it. It can be difficult to determine the best place to hang your neon sign. What is the most appropriate location for hanging a neon sign?

Echo Neon has assisted hundreds of businesses and individuals put up neon signs. We know the most suitable places to put up neon signs. Let us assist you.

Where to Hang Bedroom LED Neon Signs

You can make your dream bedroom by using our neon signs for bedrooms

Here are the best places to hang a neon sign within your bedroom

  • above the bed – You can hang an illuminated sign over the bed just like this bedroom neon sign with curly font and pink glow. The neon sign will be the first thing you see when you enter the room.
  • In the entertainment unit – If you have an entertainment console, computer, or entertainment unit in your bedroom, then the neon sign could be placed in front of it. You don’t have to worry about neon signs creating sound or heat.

Hanging Room LED Neon Signs Room LED Neon Signs

Our neon signs for living rooms will enhance your decor and lighten your home.

These are the best places to hang the neon sign you want to display in your living space.

  • by entertainment unit. The stunning designs and cursive fonts of our neon signs can help you decorate your entertainment system most appealingly. Imagine watching your favorite show with this movie night popcorn neon sign placed above your TV.
  • Above the fireplace, The living room neon sign could also go above the fireplace to create a warm and relaxing ambiance. You can go for red or orange colors to match and enhance the fireplace.
  • Install the neon sign on your wall art or decor It’s the perfect option to make your living space stand out.
  • Over your sofa Signs for your living room can also be hung on the walls above your sofa. This can provide an amazing backdrop for your photos and videos.
  • Display your neon sign near the shelf

Where To Hang A Party LED Neon Signs

A neon party sign that is well-placed can be a major draw at your next party. The best locations to hang the neon sign at your next party.

  • Roof – A neon sign suspended on the roof is a fantastic way to lift it. It will keep the party going on all night.
  • DJ stand The DJ stand can be used to show a neon sign to an event. This Let’s Partyneon sign will be perfect on top of a DJ stand.
  • Photo boothYou can offer your guests cool lighting effects for their photos and videos by hanging your neon sign in the photo booth.
  • Entrance Hang a party neon sign near your entrance to the party. This is the perfect spot to get your guests into the mood for the party prior to going into the party.

Where to Fix Home Bar LED Signs

Bars are places where you can unwind and enjoy your favorite drinks. Our neon bar signs will help you create the perfect ambiance. Here are some of the best locations to hang an LED neon sign on your bar at home:

  • Wine rack – Create the perfect lighting for your wine rack using the bar neon sign. The neon sign glows on wine bottles when turned on. This creates a wonderful ambiance for sipping an ice-cold glass of your preferred beverage.
  • Fridge The neon sign is also able to be in front of or beside the fridge to light up the bar.
  • On the wall– You can hang your neon sign on the wall of your bar.
  • Outside The bar to attract patrons to your pub or bar, a neon sign can be hung outside of your store.

Where To Display Neon Restaurant Signs

Do you wish to increase the number of customers who patronize your restaurant, or improve the appearance of your restaurant? Our neon restaurant signs can assist you. Here are the most suitable locations to put up a restaurant neon sign:

  • On the menu, Neon signs look great by the menu board in your restaurant.
  • Entry or Outside: To attract customers, you can place your neon sign in outside of your establishment. This is an excellent way to improve customer awareness.
  • in the dining area to brighten the space and create a welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy, place your neon sign on the dining room wall.
  • Kitchen Signs for restaurants are also used in the kitchen.

Where To Display Christmas Neon Lights

Christmas is the time to relax with friends and family. The Christmas neon signs convey the spirit of Christmas to you.

These are the top places to put the Christmas neon light

  • On the Xmas tree: Hang our Christmas tree neon sign by your Christmas tree to create the perfect Xmas decoration.
  • Presents open Have your family open presents in front of a Xmas neon sign.
  • Outside – You can hang your Xmas neon sign outdoors or at the entryway of your home to spread the holiday spirit.
  • Family photos: Xmas neon lights create amazing lighting for family photos

Where to put Wedding LED Signs

A neon sign can make your wedding extra special. These are the top places to place your wedding neon sign:

  • Hang it on the roof to create the perfect setting for your guests, and place your neon sign at the top of the venue. Imagine the first dance that you will have beneath this neon sign.
  • Reception Then elevate your wedding reception by incorporating the warm glow of a wedding neon sign.
  • Photo booth You can add a bright neon sign to your wedding photo booth to create beautiful memories.
  • Entry Neon signs can be hung at the entrance of your wedding venue. The “Just Married” neon sign is a wonderful decoration item to hang at the entryway to your wedding location.
  • Behind the couple: Hang your neon sign in front of the couple, and attract attention to the newlyweds.

Things To Look For Before Hanging Neon Signs

Before installing an LED neon sign here are a few things to think about:

1. The Background

One of the most important things to think about prior to hanging neon signs is the background. If the background is vibrant or flashy the neon sign won’t pop.

The background should also be strong enough to support the installation and weight of a LED neon sign. It is necessary to drill nail holes into the background in order to install the neon sign. It’s possible that the background will slide off or cause damage during installation.

The most suitable backgrounds for LED neon signs are usually plain smooth, flat, and sturdy. Take into consideration brick walls, concrete, and wood surfaces.

2. The View

You must ensure that the neon sign can be seen by the place you intend to hang it, without obstruction. It’s not a great location if people cannot see the LED neon sign. High and visible locations are the best.

3. Power Supply

The location you place your neon sign must be near an electrical outlet or power source. Our neon signs are fitted with a power cord, which means the location of your neon sign shouldn’t be more than the closest power source. Be sure to consider the power adapter and the output of the neon sign.

4. Stay Away From Water Leaks

The place you place neon LED signs should be a safe distance from spills of water and leaks. Roofs and walls that leak are another issues. Ask for the splash-proof feature if the neon you are using is prone to damage from water.

Final Words

In summary, the placement and placement of the neon sign is very important. The ideal location for hanging must be sturdy and visible so that the neon sign can beautify your space and attract customers to your business. Contact our customer service if you need assistance or have special needs for hanging your LED neon sign. We are available 24/7 to take care of any neon sign-related issues.