The Irresistible Lure of the “Lost” Neon Wonderland: How We Keep Finding Ourselves Enchanted

Before the 1960s, commercial buildings were shaped like simple boxes. The facades were limited to windows and doors. Robert Venturi, an American architect, advocated that architecture, which was once reserved for the elite, ought to be available to all. Venturi imagined commercial buildings which could be enjoyed by all. Venturi believed that the modern architectural style would be redesigned through decoration.

Modern commercial buildings are not just serving as a conduit for commercial activities They also accommodate the beauty of art and integrate into the growth axis of urban economy, urban culture,, and history. The brightly lit department store building is an iconic landmark. It is now the most reliable part of our memories in a short span of a moment.

There are five main commercial elements for information dissemination which can be seen on modern commercial building facades. They include displays, LED screens, and advertising lighting boxes. LOGO is also present. We often talk about the window, as it’s the part that attracts the greatest attention and encourages the most excitement. Although neon light may seem unique, it’s decreasing in popularity. It used to be an iconic symbol of prosperity and also a sense.

In the 1970s, several cities began to remove neon signs. Because of security concerns, neon signs were significantly reduced in Hong Kong’s neon night scenes. Today, neon signs are being reintroduced to the design and commercial fields with the attitude of retro style.

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In the city of hidden secrets neon lights flicker the city

Signboards are a vital aspect of urban culture and commerce, occupying every corner of the city. In “Jiangnanchun”, Du Mu described the “wind of wine flags in the water mountain villages” meaning “wine flags are flying in the wind everywhere” This is the look of shop signs everywhere. Signboards become more sophisticated. Graphics, text fonts, and lamps evolve with the addition of traditional designs. The development of signboards is the epitome of the story of commercialization in the past of China.

In the budding period of commerce and trialindustrialindustrialtrialpitalists in the 20th century, neon signs were the most popular commercial advertisements at that time. The signs were first introduced in 1910 and answerers saw them on billboards that lined the streets of Paris. It was popularized in Shanghai froin20. The first time it was seen in Hong Kong in large numbers was in the year 1950. It has been observed in numerous cities which include Hollywood, Macau,d Tokyo. The neon light is a sign of people’s desire to see the latest and is almost humorous. imagine.

In 1898, the famous Scottish chemist Sir William Ramsay discovered a gas that was able to resist liquefaction, ad then turned bright red when electrified. This gas was called “neon” by Ramsay. He continued to explore other gases that conduct electricity and emit colored light. Then, neon lights were invented.

Mao Dun described Shanghai in the 1930s in “Midnight”: “The extremely large neon electric tube advertisements that were hung high up on the roof of the bungalows blazed out red light as if it was fire and green flames that resembled green: Light, Heat, Power !” In the past, neon seemed to represent all the extextravaganced des desires of the city.

It is likely that the only place in Hong Kong that has the most complete and complete preservation of the neon light culture. The narrow streets are stunning avenues filled with neon lights. Many people’s memories of Hong Kong. City Hong Kong stastartsth the gigantic neon light bulbs flashing in the street. Hong Kong is the most exact representation of the cyberpunk style. Hong Kong is reflected in several films, including Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.

When these creators fantasize about the future, they invariably imagine Asian urban landscapes. The old components of Chinese characters and neon lights seem to outline the landscape of the new world. It was once an effective signal for business. Now it is an inspiration for creative creation.

What are the best ways to use neon lights in the new business era?

Urban commerce is changing constantly because of changes in the world of consumption and society. LEDs are gradually replacing neon lights. Neon was an extremely visual language that was utilized throughout the 20th century. It is still associated with nostalgia. While the commercial value of neon light bulbs isn’t as good as before, its unique artistic value is still sought after. A growing number of people in the industry have incorporated neon lights as well as other promotional materials into more distinctive designs, which have formed an artistic style and transformed into a brand-new visual symbol.

The two main elements in neon lighting are color and light. They can have an impact positive on the environment and consumers. The other is to increase the commercial viability. The lights themselves possess a certain “dramatic” effect, which can give people a fully fanfantasticd lively atmosphere during the creation of the scene. Even when there are no people around lights are enough to fill the crowded second reason is that the light has an effect of lengthening the consumption time and the comfortable lighting environment has the function of “lost” and causing consumers to remain longer The third one is that the color effect guides consumption. The effect of neon lights on consumption is more evident than thethatnventional light.

The Xi’an Datang Night-Sleep City project that RET once worked on took the prosperous Tang culture as the background, highlighted and shaped it with light themes, and merged the profound historical culture with a thriving commercial environment using the method of light to communicate new business. vitality. It also fulfills its role of guiding people. It uses colors and comfortable light to extend the consumption time.

Let’s take two more examples to explore how neon light fixtures can be integrated into the current business setting.

CitThe y Point Complex project thawhichcludes retail, entertainment,d dining venues in Brooklyn, New York, is known as City Point. DeKalb Market Hall is located underneath it. This Dikabai Market is a food court with more than 40 gourmet merchants with more than 3,300 square meters.

Food courts are becoming increasingly popular across the United States and Europe. Food courts allow you to enjoy a more relaxing life. They not only provide quality and diverse food, but they also provides exquisite comfort in design. The social meaning it represents is much more social than in China. strong. In the U.S., the market for “food courts” has grown by around 700 percent since 2010, According to studies, as consumers are awestruck by them.

Of course, what we would like to see is that at this food court, e main signboard mode and visual characteristic is the usage of neon lights. All the merchant’s arecansplay signs with uniform neon lights, according to the operator’s plans and suggestions. The effect is that people are drawn to it, like they were returning to the alleys and streets many years ago, creating a casual commercial street atmosphere inside this space.

This is a perfect example of contemporary interior design that is exteriorizing within commercial buildings. The interior of the building presents some characteristics of urban space. The courtyard-like space is derived from the square of the city and the street-like part is derived from the streets. Neon lights are part of the trend towtowardtdoor environmental elements. The use of this typical outdoor landscape element adds ease of use and scene to the indoor environment.

The operating partner of the Decca White Market said that he hopes to use this method to bring the city back to the time of the hippie. Utilizing neon light provides a vibrant and exciting ambambiancehich could represent the business’s success in the memory of customers and create a feeling that they are living in the city.

Another option is for brands to showcase neon as a major art form. Tiffany created a gesture last year that saw people stop at a red light of neon orange lights in the Fifth Avenue store window. Its “hand” is perhaps the most striking aspect of it. It shows how Tiffany can get people to look around and take in the beauty of things without conscious thought.

Neon lights possess a striking provocative effect and are very attractive when employed in window displays. Many brands use lighting in the design of pop-up shops. Fendi, Coach, Tiffany & Company,d Bergdorf Goodman are just a few of the brands that have found professional neon lighting production studios that can help them create a dynamic image.

The creation of brand stores must re-establish the visual highlights, jumping out from a range of visual effects. Using the captivating effect of neon lights is a def excellent choice. Re-enabling neon effects can be simultaneously nostalgic and avant-garde, it seems.

Within the various elements of commercial design Wh, what is the reason we are recommending neon lighting for debate? Because it’s unique and has transformed into an art form. This blend of avant-garde and retro charm is the hallmark of the history of commercialization in urban areas. Signboards composed of neon lights constantly stimulate our eyes and brains.

In Las Vegas, USA, there is a museum of neon lights, which records the glory of the era of casinos. The museum has accumulated over 150 neon lights from the 1930s until today. Since its establishment at the end of 1996, it has been devoted to researching, collecting, and displaying the neon signs of Las Vegas, covering various aspects such as education, culture,d history. The neon signs of the famous hotels and restaurants associated with urban development, such as “Moulin Rouge”, “Desert Inn” as well as “Flamingo”, can fully bring back memories for people. However, there are signs like motel signs, casino hotel signs signboards, dry cleaning,d restaurant signs, etc. They are a reminder of the city’s commercial past.

Neon lights are a common sight in today’s cities. The world of neon is a stunning and vibrant world, a world that appears to be a fantasy and has appeared in countless film scenes, leaving us “lost” without conscious thought.

Thanks to these cultures co-shaped by colors, words,d images, it has become an exchange between us and the city. The cityscape is changing quickly. We might as well look down at our phones less often and take more time to wander the streets, making memories of the city flashing like neon n lights.