Neon Narratives: Unraveling the Story of Neon Signs

Neon signs have been a sought-after advertising medium for businesses since the 1960s. Neon signs are often used for advertising and signage due to their attractiveness. But, they could be utilized for other uses.

Neon-colored signs can have the biggest impact on your business, from the simple “Open” display on the front of the store to the flashing lights that can be seen in Las Vegas.

The history of neon signs

The history of neon signs starts before the term “neon” was discovered. In 1855, German physicist and glassblower Heinrich Geissler began experimenting with the use of a tube that contained rarefied gas. The gas in the tube was placed under low pressure an electric voltage was applied to the tube, and the gas began to light up. This discovery would pave the way for the neon signs we recognize in the present.

After finding neon gas in the Geissler tubes, British scientists William Ramsay (British) and Morris W. Travers (American) would be able to discover it for the first time in 1898. But Georges Claude, a French engineer, would not introduce neon signs to America until 1923.

Outdoor advertising quickly adopted neon lighting. Its bright, enticing glow quickly spread across the United States. The neon lights illuminated America’s highways and diners used them almost all of the time. Because of its rising popularity, neon signs are cheaper and more accessible for small businesses throughout the country.

New York City and Las Vegas were two of the major markets that took advantage of this technology and lit up their streets with illuminated neon signs. Neon’s high-visibility factor made it extremely popular with advertisers seeking an affordable option that caught the attention of anyone who looked at it.

Advantages of neon signs

  • High Visibility – Custom neon signs are ideal for newly established or small-sized businesses that need to make their signs stand apart from the others.
  • Make your night more enjoyable by putting up a neon sign – The neon sign is observed all hours of the day. It’s perfect for establishments that provide late-night food delivery or other services for nightlife.
  • It conserves energy. neon lights are extremely energy efficient. Neon lights can save up to 50 to 60 percent of energy compared to traditional lights.
  • Neon signs that are properly constructed are durable and last for a long time. The lifespan of a neon sign is from ten to twelve years.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere – With the right promotional idea Neon signs can be utilized anywhere at your workplace, as they are perfectly safe to be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

What is the reason for Bartush?

Although the high visibility factor of neon has made it extremely well-known, it is difficult to work with, and many business owners have trouble finding a manufacturer that has the experience and skills to meet their strict standards. At Bartush, we are the expert in custom neon signs.

Bartush is among the few sign manufacturers left in the area that is capable of creating the top-quality neon signs your company deserves. Bartush has been in the sign business for over 75 years, and our craftsmen have mastered working with a range of materials and materials, including neon. We’re a complete service company. If you’re in search of a fresh design or need someone to help bring your vision to life, our experts at Bartush can do it all. Once we and you plan your design and we put it on the sign to make sure that our custom neon signs stand up and deliver.

If you’re interested in lighting your business by putting up a bold, bright neon sign, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to assist you in establishing your business.