Exploring the Differences between Neon and LED Signs

A brightly-colored and well-lit signage on your property is the best method of attracting the attention of your customers and bringing people in. People are visual and will be more likely to purchase from you if your signage grabs their interest. While neon signs remain the most used type of advertising for businesses LED is gaining popularity. We’ve seen numerous LED neon signs being advertised as neon sign items when they’re quite different. This blog will help you know the difference between LED and neon so that you can make the right choice.

How are they different?

Neon sign

The most obvious difference between LED and neon lighting is that neon lighting comes in a hand-crafted glass tube. The light source is a reaction with an inert gas, which produces a fluorescent color as a result of the energy released. Neon tubes are beautifully crafted but they’re extremely fragile and carry the danger of damage to the tube when handled incorrectly. If the tube is damaged, the sign should be equipped with an open circuit safety feature, which means that if the tubes are damaged then the current will cease flowing to prevent any unwanted accident. Neon sign products are a favorite choice for firms of all sizes due to their attractive display and security features.

LED sign

LED lights and signs are created using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that are strung together in a way that the light they release is reflected and produces a constant light source. Because LED neon signs are typically lighter than neon lights they are better protected from destruction and are typically coated with a polymer. It can be difficult to fix if damaged because each LED has to be attached manually to the base. Neon lights only require to be replaced with a glass tube. The disadvantage is that they are not able to be fixed in all places. This can make the letters look dull and awkward. The colors that emit are not as varied as neon signs’ glows, and appear solid.

Efficiency in energy use

An LED light requires less power to power its secondary than neon lights to provide efficient lighting and signs. Large neon displays can use up to 15,000 volts to operate (although this is rare nowadays). LEDs need only 24 volts. An LED display could be a great way to save dollars if you’re thinking of a big outdoor display. But for a commercial sign or small light display, the cost of running LED and neon lighting is very similar so there’s not much difference between the two. It is also worth considering that amperage is related to energy efficiency and a common neon sign uses less than 1 amp. It is important to determine the operating cost of your business’ sign against how appealing you think it will be for your clients because the neon sign is much easier on the eye than the LED neon sign.


If you are looking at the differences in cost between neon and LED neon signs, again it depends on the dimensions of the light display that you’re creating. Outdoor light displays that are large are LED cheaper than neon signs by 10 percent. However, it is a matter of deciding if the cost savings is worth the cost. The neon sign has an extended life than LED neon signs and is less likely repair or replacement. It is important to consider this when weighing cost. If you are talking about large expenses, however, this could make the odds in favor of LED. However, for smaller indoor signs, the cost difference between neon and LED is very small.

Curb Appeal

There’s a reason neon signs are well-liked by businesses across the globe the light they emit is warm and inviting. The neon light itself brings memories of old-fashioned glamour, places like Las Vegas and Tokyo, brand trustworthiness, and nostalgia that people can’t resist. In comparison, LED lights are bright but could appear cold, stiff, and unnatural to the eye. They’re a new concept that gives them an edgier look however, not always in a pleasing way, so it is important to look for the ones that have the best curb appeal.


It’s all about personal preference as to which neon or LED neon sign is better for you or your business. It is important to take into consideration the benefits of each to make an informed decision. However, ultimately you will decide which one is the best. If you buy an item and aren’t even attracted by it, then it’s probably not going to offer your customers something either. It’s more beneficial to consider the design aspect of a sign rather than focusing on the efficiency or price.