Longevity and Resilience: Examining the Lifespan of LED Neon Signs

Customers are often concerned about the durability of custom LED Neon signs and how they will perform in the specific location where they plan to place them. A custom Neon sign that isn’t in good condition will be thrown away.


NeonExperts helps you with this. Our LED Neon uses a unique polymer tube that can be bent or twisted, preventing signs from snapping. The surface is extremely resistant to scratching and breakages. This allows the light through without interruption, creating a uniform glow throughout neon. Because of the LED Neon’s flexibility, we can create any design that you want. Our workshop team will quickly bend the Neon tubing into the desired shape and connect it to your preferred backing board.

Traditional glass Neon is more expensive than traditional glass Neon because the glass tubing has to be heated up before any modifications are made. This can take time and increase the cost. InnoNeon Flex is much more durable than traditional Neon. Because the glass is so fragile, it can crack and shatter if they are not taken care of.


Our workshop team is capable of waterproofing your LED Neon sign according to IP67 standards. LED Neon will need to be waterproofed to prevent damage from rain. Our team waterproofs your sign by sealing any openings in LED Neon. This ensures that nothing can get into the polymer tubing. Waterproofing can also be applied to indoor signs that might come into direct contact with water. This depends on the situation and location.

Our LED Neon is weather-resistant and will illuminate your business in all kinds of weather.

The safety of our LED Neon signs is another thing we can guarantee. LED Neon sign is much safer than traditional Neon. Traditional Neon can shatter and could cause injuries. Also, the surface made of polymer tubing is extremely warm and will not cause any burns or electrocutes if touched. All signs we produce are compliant with local regulations on an international level.

These LED Neon signs have a 100,000-hour guaranteed lifespan.