Electric Charm: 25 Neon Sign Ideas to Make Your Bar Stand Out

Neon bar signs are essential, regardless of whether you own a bar that is open and accessible to the public, or if your home bar was established out of lockdown.

You can easily add atmosphere and personality to your bar with neon lighting.

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The option to add tons of personality to your bar is provided by neon lighting The signs can be used to set the tone of your brand. There are many neon signs for bars that can make an impact.

Funny neon signs to hang in bars

1. Wish You Were Beer

2. Happy Hour is The Best Hour

3. Bring on the Bubbly

4. Alcohol You Later

5. Sip Happens

6. Save Water, drink Alcohol

7. You are my pina to my colada

8. It’s Cocktail O’Clock

9. Enjoy, Eat, Sleep, Champagne, and Repeat

10. You Were my Cup Of Tea. But, I’m now a Champagne Drinker

11. Cocktails and Dreams

12. On Cloud Wine

13. Yes Way Rose

14. Don’t Worry, Beer Happy

15. Life is Beautiful

16. Gin and Bear it

17. Whiskey Me Away

18. Happy Hour is The Best Hour

19. Wine not for you?

20. Partners-In-Wine

Neon signs to brand your bar

21. Jack Daniels Neon Sign

22. Heineken Beer Neon Sign

23. Bud Light Neon Sign

24. Bacardi Neon Sign

25. Jagermeister Neon Sign

What is the best way to order a sign?

There are many choices when it comes to neon signs for bars. You could even design a sign to be inspired by a fictional pub, like the Double Deuce. We offer a range of LED colors such as red, green, and blue.

These are the most common colors we use, and they can be used in any interior. For inspiration, we have a large portfolio with signs we’ve made for bars.

Ellis Signs can provide traditional neon signs or LED neon signs. Get in touch by telephone, email, or social media to get advice on which sign is best for you. To show you how your sign will look, we can also send you a digital mockup.