Neon Sign Ideas for a Retro Wedding

The nostalgic associations of neon signs with past times have led to a revival in the popularity of neon signs over recent years. The streets used to be lit up with neon lights advertising consumer products. While neon signs are still in fashion, they are being used in a completely different way.

Why choose LED neon for your wedding

This is why these signs are so beloved. They evoke the nostalgia of years past and are customizable to your taste, giving you endless design options. Modern LED neon signs use far less energy than traditional neon signs.

A retro neon sign with all these qualities is the perfect addition. Here are some neon sign ideas featuring romantic references from every decade, starting in the 1960s to the 1990s.

Neon Sign Ideas for Retro Weddings


Are you looking to capture the romance of the 1960s in your life? Yes, you can. Many historical events, such as the Space Race or the first televised Presidential debate, brought about a lot of change in the decade. Beatlemania also took over the world, opening the doors to British pop music today. An LED neon sign can be the ideal way to accomplish this, as traditional neon signs were still commonly used in this decade. Here are some LED neon signs ideas for your 60s-themed wedding.

  • Love is old, it is new, and love is all. ( Beatles – Because 1969)
  • I cannot help but fall in love with you ( Elvis Presley-I Can’t Help Falling for You, 1961).
  • I love you baby ( Frankie ValiCouldn’t Take My Eyes Off of You, 1967)


In the 1970s, disco fever was a popular trend that brought us some timeless songs and movies. The 70s gave us flares. Who knew that the bell-bottomed pants would return to fashion fifty years later? Here are some ideas to help you incorporate this decade into your big day.

  • How Deep Is Your Love
  • You’re the One That I Want ( Grease, 1978 )
  • I will always be your love ( You Will Always Be My Love by Dolly Parton, 1974).


The 80s were a time of John Hughes fevers, MTV, and lots of hairsprays. This decade is remembered for its music and iconic movies. These are some great ideas to help you capture an 80s feel at your wedding.

  • Time of my Life I’ve Had (Time of My Life) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes, 1987
  • I’m crazy for you (Crazy For You by Madonna, 1985)
  • You’re the greatest thing to ever happen (You’re The Greatest Thing by The Style Council 1984).


The 90s will always be remembered. It was the last decade before technology evolved into what we know today. It didn’t matter if you were Team Blur (we are #teamellis), but the general consensus was that the 90s were the greatest decade. The 90s were a time of great pop culture. We have some suggestions for LED neon signs.

  • You and I are going to live forever ( Live Forever by Oasis – 1994).
  • I don’t want a thing to go by ( Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith, 1998).
  • Everything I do, I do it to you ( All I Do by Bryan Adams. 1991)

What Are the Benefits Of LED Neon Signs

They are available for display anywhere.

You can display your wedding sign anywhere you like with our signs. It doesn’t matter if you want it to be visible during vows or at your reception dinner. Your wedding photos will have a lot more impact if your sign is prominently displayed. You can also move our signs around throughout the day, making it easy to maximize the benefits of your new signage.


You have many options for customizing your sign, including the wording, size, and color. Neon signs are a popular choice because you can personalize your big day with your unique stamp. You can also use our neon wedding signs for other purposes. These signs can not only be used for wedding ceremonies but can also be displayed at home. You might also be interested in LED neon signs for your home. You can read our post.


LED signs, unlike their neon counterparts, are eco-friendly. LED neon signs can last years if they are maintained properly. An LED sign’s average life expectancy is 100,000 hours. This is compared to traditional neon which lasts around 10,000 hours.

How do I order an LED Wedding Sign?

Get in touch via email, phone, or social media with #teamellis Tell us about your ideas, and we’ll help you decide the best options for your wedding.

No matter which quotes or lyrics, we can assure you that it adds a retro touch of elegance to your wedding.