A Simple Guide to Finding the Right LED Sign: 5 Questions to Consider

It’s not hard to see how outdated signage can be a hassle. Old signage can cause more problems than it’s worth, from high energy bills to complicated installation, repair, and disassembly. LED neon signs offer modern technology that is superior to other lighting solutions in many ways. LED Neon is simple to install, requires little maintenance, and is very energy-efficient.

You have until today to update your signage. Make sure to upgrade to LED neon signs.

After you have made the switch to LED Neon Flex you will need to choose the design of your LED Neon signs. It’s easy to create LED Neon signs that reflect your business’ values and theme by asking a few questions and then coming up with your own answers. Let’s take an overview of these questions.

How big is your building?

A large sign will be required for exterior signs that are over 100 feet in length. Your sign might not be necessary if your building is 40 feet in length. A sign that is only 10-12 feet in length will be just right. Remember that the LED Neon sign must be at least 10 to 12 feet long.

Which colors would you like your sign to have?

It is easy to choose the colors for your sign. You just need to think about the colors in your logo and then incorporate them into your LED signage.

What do you want your sign say?

The LED Neon sign must convey a message. It should be clear and concise.

In what font should your message appear on an LED animated sign?

Fonts that are difficult to read should be avoided. Cursive is best avoided. It is best to choose a large font with contrasting colors that stands out against the background/backlight of the LED sign.

Would you like to add images to your animated sign?

Images are fine if you include them, but they should not distract from the message.

These questions will get you started on the path to creating LED Neon signs to boost your business’s presence. Place your order now!