Essential Tricks for Repairing Your Neon Sign Like a Pro

Bright and attractive neon signs are available. You can use them to promote products and increase sales, to create a focal point for photo ops, or to add an aesthetic touch to your home. It can be difficult to fix a neon sign that has broken. Add a pop of color to your space with our custom neon signs!

It can be difficult to know where to begin because classic neon signs are often handcrafted.

We are here to help. Learn more about what to expect, how you can fix your neon sign, and the next steps to take. Let your brand shine bright with our custom neon signs!

Yes, Neon Signs Can Be Dangerous

Make sure to take safety precautions around the neon sign before you do anything else. Neglecting neon signs, especially older ones, can prove to be very dangerous.

Always turn off your neon sign and unplug it before you touch it.

To shine neon signs, gas enclosed in glass tubing is exposed to high voltage to allow it to glow. This gives neon signs their bright glow but is also more dangerous.

Use extreme caution when handling neon signs. Neon signs, while LED signs can be operated at low voltage (12-24 volts), require very high voltage. A severe electric shock could occur if you fail to unplug the sign before turning it off. Neglecting to unplug a neon sign before it is plugged in can lead to serious electric shock.

Older neon signs were made often with lead glass and some neon signs also contain mercury. Fun fact: Red and pink neon signs usually use actual neon gas. Other colors may contain elements, in addition to neon. These are generally harmless but blue neon signs may contain small amounts of mercury.

These neon signs contain low levels of mercury and lead, making them non-toxic. You should still be cautious if there is a crack or leak in the neon sign. Use gloves and a mask to protect yourself from broken glass.

Is it possible to repair my neon sign?

The cost of repair will depend on the condition of the sign. While most neon signs are repairable, the cost to fix them will vary depending on their quality and extent.

Never attempt to fix an older neon sign. You should take your older sign to a professional. The professional will diagnose the problem and estimate the cost of fixing it. Sometimes, especially if the neon sign is dimming more than usual, it could be that your neon sign is getting older. On average, neon signs last 10-12 years.

You can also find DIY solutions online for fixing older signs. We recommend you still seek professional advice. You should not attempt to fix neon signs yourself. They are only suitable for broken wires or short wires.

It is worth looking into the warranty and return policies for any sign purchased new. Most signage companies do not offer refunds for money, especially for custom neon signs. However, some offer warranties for design flaws or issues.

What is the cost of repairing a neon sign?

It depends. What caused the sign to break? How large was the damage? Did the sign use quality materials? Handcrafted neon signs are unique. This means there is no one-size fits all solution for neon sign repair.

Repairing a low-quality or broken transformer is a different process than fixing broken neon glasses. Even if your sign is broken, it will take more effort to fix it.

For the best-case scenario (a loose wire), you can expect to spend at least $50-60 on the repair. For small cracks in the glass, or problems with the transformer, repair costs can be closer to $300-400. Repairing broken neon can cost up to $1000 for more serious issues or larger signs that are complex and customized.

Price is also affected by the quality of the neon sign repair service you choose. While more experienced professionals are better equipped to repair your sign, they will also cost you more to hire.

If you’re confident DIY solutions to fixing signs can be a cost-saving option. This is a riskier and more difficult alternative to hiring professionals.

What should I do to take care of my neon sign?

Regular maintenance can prevent burnout and dimming neon signs. This can’t prevent the glass from breaking, but it can reduce the need to have professional repairs done.

To prevent future problems, the first rule of thumb is to leave your neon sign on 24 hours a day. While energy efficiency is important for both the planet and your pocket, neon lights work best when left on.

Cleaning your neon sign regularly can help prevent future damage. It will also keep it shining brightly for many years. Always turn off your neon sign and unplug it before you touch it. You can clean your sign by turning it off and unplugging it. You can clean your sign with a soft cloth or a paintbrush.

Take care when handling neon signs. Tempering glass to make neon tubing weakens it, making it more fragile than other types.

You might also consider installing a bug trap next to your neon sign if it is located outside. The bright neon sign will be visible to insects and may need to be cleaned more frequently.

Searching for a new sign design?

Broken neon signs can be a nuisance. Many neon signs break, and the repair cost can often be more than the original cost. Businesses can struggle to keep their visibility while not spending a lot. We get your frustrations and have created a custom-led sign as an alternative to neon signs. Let your brand shine bright with our custom neon signs!